Are you using a shopping cart?

A few years back someone asked me how they could pay me on my website. I had never given a thought, but then realized that they lived in Boston and I was in California. I did not have a solution for that person so they sent me a check by mail.

It was highly inconvenient for them and if it had not been for some creative work on my part I might have lost that client. Are you in a similar position? Are you selling things through your newsletter, blog, website and still taking checks without taking advantage of various technologies out there? If so, wake up, it's time to get real. You're losing money!

People shop the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or the proverbial overused 24x7 :) So...why not cater to them in that regard. Give them a way that they can show up and purchase something from you, pay you, and you make money while you sleep. Oh and give them a thank you note when they do this and make the connection personal. When you do, you'll gain visitors, gain clients and gain a relationship and reputation of providing a valuable service which is sadly lacking in other websites, newsletters, blogs, etc.

In order to do this, I began using a tool called Kickstartcart. It's a private label of the most popular cart on the market called 1shoppingcart. So why Kickstart? Simple. I know the guy who owns that private label. He's an expert marketer and has a great set of support people backing this up. He's brought them a lot of customers so anyone who uses Kickstart gets some extra special treatment. That's been my experience, so that's the label that I promote.

Now you might be asking yourself what does this tool offer that others don't? A lot, but I am not going to answer those things here. I have a special treat for you when you go to the following link:

When you get there you can read a bit about a service that we're offering for those who decide to sign on with the cart through us, and you can download a copy of the ebook which will give you a ton of information about the cart. Then you can make an educated decision about this wonderful tool that will not only make your customers happy, it will also put $$ in your pocket each month.

So please take a minute, click the link and read up on the best tool in use for people who need to sell products, email clients, send newsletters, schedule emailings, etc.



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