Are you in need of a Webmaster?

Do you own and operate a website? Is it taking too much of your time to get things done with it? Or did you hire someone to do things, but they take forever just to change things around?

I am like you. There are times when I want things done and don't have the time to do them myself, but then I think...if I ask someone else to do this it will never get done. I wish I had a webmaster to just handle things.

Well now you can have one. We were asked to offer this service in 1994, but decided against it and held out for the longest time. Now we've found a way to provide enough service and even offer a bonus, SEO along with the packages to sweeten the deal even more.

Here check it out:

Here's a list of some of the things are offered with our 3 packages:

Ongoing maintenance of your website. Site must be finished.
Changes to pages, addition of content including images
Addition of pages to your website
Addition of audio &/or video to your site (YouTube based video ask me)
Installation and configuration of your shopping cart plus training
Creation of your html email mailings to your lists within the cart
Installation of a merchant account other than PayPal*
Setup of your 1st affiliate program if you're using the Advanced cart version
Creation of products in the cart - Ongoing
Creation of Coupons - Ongoing
Creation of Bundle Offers - Ongoing
Creation of Mailing campaigns, Autoresponder mailing series - Ongoing
Direct support for questions surrounding the shopping cart
Setup new email accounts as required (if your hosting service allows)
Search Engine Optimization/Submissions Included

We've also set up 3 different lengths of time you can subscribe to our service:

3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months. If you purchase the 12 month package and pay up front you'll realize a $2000 discount off the $10,000 1 year pricing. You'll only pay $8,000 for the year of ongoing services.

Anyhow we're only offering a limited number of slots. We released this, this evening and already we've got some people signing up for service. I never thought this would be that popular, but now that I know...I am glad we're offering this.

Here's that link again:

We know this is a valuable service offering. We're going to be offering this to some future class members from Passion To Prosperity so that they know they'll have their websites in good hands while they mind their businesses.

Check it out, read all of the details and if you have questions, email me before you sign up. This is a great service offering at a really great price. I want to make sure you're happy before you sign up, that way we can keep you happy through the program.

One last time, here's the link to go to, and we hope to have you in one of our programs shortly:

Best regards,

Michael Murdock, CEO

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