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Renew Your Domain Now Notices - They're FAKE!

So when was the last time you checked your US MAIL and found a notice in it telling you that you had to renew your domain name? It's that time of year when these folks come out of the woodwork and get people to do just that. Not for 7 or 8.00, but for $30, $40, $70 for the year!
These companies that are doing this are scam artists. You don't have to pay these kinds of fees for domains any longer. Those are from the old days. Now, you can go to Snagadomain and register a .com domain for under $8.00 per year! That's right, under $8.00 per year.
These notices are not bills, but are solicitations which if you read the fine print you're not obligated to adhere to. However, they make the fine print so small that you cannot read it and that's when you get caught, you sign up for their service and your domain gets transferred to them and basically they own it and you don't.
So please be careful and when you get one of these notices, open a web browser and go to Snagdomain

Are you in need of a Webmaster?

Do you own and operate a website? Is it taking too much of your time to get things done with it? Or did you hire someone to do things, but they take forever just to change things around?

I am like you. There are times when I want things done and don't have the time to do them myself, but then I think...if I ask someone else to do this it will never get done. I wish I had a webmaster to just handle things.

Well now you can have one. We were asked to offer this service in 1994, but decided against it and held out for the longest time. Now we've found a way to provide enough service and even offer a bonus, SEO along with the packages to sweeten the deal even more.
Here check it out:

Here's a list of some of the things are offered with our 3 packages:

Ongoing maintenance of your website. Site must be finished.
Changes to pages, addition of content including images
Addition of pages to your website
Addition of audio &/or video to your site (YouTube based video ask…

Are you using a shopping cart?

A few years back someone asked me how they could pay me on my website. I had never given a thought, but then realized that they lived in Boston and I was in California. I did not have a solution for that person so they sent me a check by mail.
It was highly inconvenient for them and if it had not been for some creative work on my part I might have lost that client. Are you in a similar position? Are you selling things through your newsletter, blog, website and still taking checks without taking advantage of various technologies out there? If so, wake up, it's time to get real. You're losing money!
People shop the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or the proverbial overused 24x7 :) So...why not cater to them in that regard. Give them a way that they can show up and purchase something from you, pay you, and you make money while you sleep. Oh and give them a thank you note when they do this and make the connection personal. When you do, you'll gain visitors, gain clients and ga…

Twitter...Personalize it!

Have you personalized your interactions on Twitter? It's good to be there and to follow others and to have them follow you, but the only way to get anywhere on there is to personalize your interactions and actually get to know people there. So when you're there, take a moment to find out who's following you and then send them a message (tweet) to at least say hi and thank them for following you. It's a very simple way to connect and it does work.
That's the tip for the evening.

Struggling with audio and video? Use this tool, end the struggle

(click the image to get to the website)

Now you can create video and audio for your website easily. Follow simple steps and pay
one low monthly fee for being able to do it. You can also add these items to your blog.

They have great tools and great support for you to use if you have questions.
Thought you should know about this source today.

Check it out and then sign up if it works for you. They have a 3 day free trial which you can take advantage of right away.

Thanks for taking time out of your Sunday to read this.


Debate #3

See the attached video.

Clickbank Commissions?

Hi blog readers :),
There's been a ton of buzz around this system  over the past few days and if you haven't heard about it yet, let me just fill you in...
It's called the "Commission Blueprint" - a  radical formula created by Tim Godfrey and Steven  Clayton that exploits Clickbank and Google in  such a devious way that the resulting profits  are in the realms of the *insane*.
Of course, you will have heard this kinda' thing a  gazillion times before and to be perfectly honest so  have I...
But after checking this out, I can give you rock solid confirmation that this is the real deal, especially if you want to replicate a simple system that generates MASSIVE Clickbank commissions.
Let me just throw some figures your way...
- $6,513.04 in one day
- $153,426.72 in 6 weeks
- $526,422.83 in 7 months.
...and the crazy thing is, these numbers were  generated by promoting ONE Clickbank product,  bidding on just ONE keyword...and without ANY  help from JV partners o…

24 Hour Google Listings FREE eBook

Okay, so here's what's happening today. It's Sunday and after getting out of the house for a bit, strapping on a set of rollerblades and taking my life into my own hands I decided to come home and post on my blog.
Over the past couple of weeks I've been doing some things and if you're a regular reader of the blog, you've seen them popup once in a while. is my latest creation of a product/service. The product is a free ebook. The service is only needed if you're working with the free ebook and you hit a stumbling point.
All I want you to do is get over there and download the ebook. It's full of great information about how you can get your website visible to Google in 24 Hours or Less. It's a process, but it can be done by anyone. I give you the recipe for this. If you get stuck and you want me to do it for you, I do, for a price $497. But it gets done. From that you can build your internet marketing presence.
If you want me to d…

Too Many Emails...Too Many Wrong Links - A problem to avoid at all costs

Hi. This is a touchy subject to write about at best. While I want to give a specific example of this, the fact that I know the person and am actually happy for them that they make a ton of money from sales, I saw something that caused a big red flag to shoot up.
Too many emails and too many bad links. Why would you do that to your affiliates? This causes me to sit and think and say "Wow, if they're doing it, others could be too." Not something that I want to be a part of. I want to make sure that when I send an email out to people to send them to a program, that it's the right link so that I actually get credit for sales.
In the business of affiliate marketing it's important for affiliates to make money. We after all are investing our time in promoting your product or service or seminar, which now costs us money because while we're promoting you, we're ignoring our own stuff, and then our people may go to your site and buy your stuff, but we don't get c…