Sunday, September 14, 2008

NO-BS-SEO - Be on Google in 24 Hours or Your Money Back

So what's the trick? There are several, but they're all legal and will not get you blacklisted which is what's important about this. Everything I do in this process and it's a process, it's not magically just registering a domain name and hoping it gets in, there are things that have to be done to make this happen for you. If they're not done...see you in 6 months time, or 3 months time and that product launch you needed the domain up and active for...fails because your domain was not findable. OUCH.

This is not ongoing SEO, it's a 24 hour period in which your domain name will get listed into Google so it can be found by searching for it as in typed into the search box (what is considered a domain listing). There will be other things that show up as well, but the primary focus for us is your actual domain name getting a listing within 24 hours. After that...SEO for your website is EASY and your SEO people or IT people have no excuses to not get it done for you fast!

Sign up today. The First 10 people who sign up and use our coupon code of 24google will get $1000 off the normal price of $2500. So you only pay $1500! And for those 10 we'll throw in 1 month of Search Engine Submissions as well.

See you on the web! (in 24 hours or less!)

Michael Murdock, CEO