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So...what did you do today to work on your website? Did you submit it to the search engines? Did you write articles, post to your blog, write things on facebook, did you write an article or press release? If you did none of these today, you lost money. Your investment in the website that you own or the blog that you have posted into need to be taken care of and repeatedly tended to.


Because search engines will change constantly, and the way that people search for things is that the way people search changes as well. So you'll want to be aware of this.

Post something daily to your blog

Post an article 1 to 2 times per week

Post something on facebook often and make sure that you mention your url in there somewhere.

Check your google analytics account, see how people are finding you. What terms are they using to see your site. Modify your marketing or write articles based on their searches and you'll rank higher.

That's the tip for the day.

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We'll see you on the web!

Michael Murdock, CEO

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