Monday, September 29, 2008

Dammit KERN!!

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You've heard about it before, well it's back and you need to get this today. Don't wait, Don't miss it. This seminar is AMAZING and if you miss it, you could be missing out on MILLIONS.

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Do the Search Engines want to know me better?

Yes, the search engines want to know you better.

They want content, but they also still want keywords to be used that tie it all together. No more stuffing the ballot box on the website. 

Make it relevant, make those keywords match the content and niche' them so that you're playing to your target market. 

Oh! and forget about those misspellings in the keywords area. They don't help anymore. Search engines can figure out what you're trying to spell and will substitute the results with the right words.

We help you with optimizing for the search engines. Find out more at

Saturday, September 27, 2008


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Friday, September 26, 2008

More Internet Business Consulting...

So...what did you do today to work on your website? Did you submit it to the search engines? Did you write articles, post to your blog, write things on facebook, did you write an article or press release? If you did none of these today, you lost money. Your investment in the website that you own or the blog that you have posted into need to be taken care of and repeatedly tended to.


Because search engines will change constantly, and the way that people search for things is that the way people search changes as well. So you'll want to be aware of this.

Post something daily to your blog

Post an article 1 to 2 times per week

Post something on facebook often and make sure that you mention your url in there somewhere.

Check your google analytics account, see how people are finding you. What terms are they using to see your site. Modify your marketing or write articles based on their searches and you'll rank higher.

That's the tip for the day.

Thanks for dropping in and reading about some of the things we do for you at Internet Business Consulting - DocMurdock located at

We'll see you on the web!

Michael Murdock, CEO

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So have you ever tried to get your website listed on Google by yourself? Have you searched high and low for directions on how to do it but never could find directions. Or they were missing something, or someone wanted you to mortgage your home so they could help you once you paid them?

STOP THE INSANITY (Susan Powter we luv ya!)

NO-BS-SEO.COM is now live and it's where you will find the directions to do this right and do it that way the first time.

To do this process to get your site listed is really 10 Steps once you have the domain name and hosting in your possession.

I have created an eBook that is sent out on a per order basis after being coded for the user who places the order. In the eBook is the exact process that I used to get domains with a single webpage listed into Google's index in the past 2 weeks in less than 24 hours!

In fact after I did if the first time, the next time was faster and faster and in fact 1 took me 12 hours to get listed! I was in shock. I have been doing SEO for years and have not experienced this so I wrote all the steps down, tested them and found that this was valuable.

The price? Just $49.97 for the eBook. Now you will need to know some things about the web before venturing into this. You will need a domain name, you will need a hosting account and about 2 hours of keyboarding to set up some free accounts in certain places that are detailed in the eBook.

If you don't want to do this yourself, you can hire me to do the full service for you and that's just $497. If you're in the midst of doing it yourself and you get stuck or just decide you don't want to continue, then all you need to do is go back to the website, order the full service package, use a code at check out and you'll get $50.00 off the price of the full service package. Only people who buy the eBook get that break though. (Unless I am in a good mood...which right now I am!)

So, right now, open another window and get over to and order up the full service package, use the coupon code: doit4me at checkout and you will get $50.00 off the price as a launch bonus for reading this BLOG!!

See you on the 24 hours or LESS!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

NO-BS-SEO - Be on Google in 24 Hours or Your Money Back

So what's the trick? There are several, but they're all legal and will not get you blacklisted which is what's important about this. Everything I do in this process and it's a process, it's not magically just registering a domain name and hoping it gets in, there are things that have to be done to make this happen for you. If they're not done...see you in 6 months time, or 3 months time and that product launch you needed the domain up and active for...fails because your domain was not findable. OUCH.

This is not ongoing SEO, it's a 24 hour period in which your domain name will get listed into Google so it can be found by searching for it as in typed into the search box (what is considered a domain listing). There will be other things that show up as well, but the primary focus for us is your actual domain name getting a listing within 24 hours. After that...SEO for your website is EASY and your SEO people or IT people have no excuses to not get it done for you fast!

Sign up today. The First 10 people who sign up and use our coupon code of 24google will get $1000 off the normal price of $2500. So you only pay $1500! And for those 10 we'll throw in 1 month of Search Engine Submissions as well.

See you on the web! (in 24 hours or less!)

Michael Murdock, CEO

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Okay friends, this is another test of getting a domain into google's index in 24 hours...or less. I want to make sure that I can reliably do this for you so that I can bring this awesome service to you.

I'm taking my Saturday, asked my wife to put everything on hold so that I could bring this new service tested and true to you for an amazing price.

Now why is this so important to do in 24 hours or less? Getting a domain listed on Google is key in your online business ventures. To get it up there and present for people to find is key in your turning your investment into something that will return that investment to you. ROI is a beautiful thing.

So...once you read this get over to and see what we're offering to you and your business.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Here's the video...

Here's the YouTube Video of me talking about putting the domain on the web.

So go check out

We did it! Domain listed in LESS than 24 hours!

If you don't believe me, go to Google and type in the search box:

and you'll see it there. It was purchased on 9/11/2008 at around 6pm Pacific Time. By 7am this morning it appeared in the search listings.

How'd I do it? Well...that's going to be the subject of an article and some blog postings that are coming up.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled and also if you're interested in advertising on that domain and you're cool...we're going to offer that opportunity in a bit. It's not going to be free, but it will be reasonable. I promise that.

After all, a site that's in google in less than 24 hours will be a highly traffic'd site very shortly.


Check it out at :

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Domains and Registrars

Am not sure if you've run into this, but I have over the past week with a provider who has a very interesting control panel built for their clients. It's limited in nature and the interesting part of it is that like a very LARGE domain registrar that everyone used to use before Godaddy, these guys took out that feature that easily allows you to move your domain from one registrar to another should you wish to do so.

It's called holding your domain captive and you should be aware of it. One of the things that I really love being a reseller for Godaddy through my site which is a company is that you as a client have the flexibility to decide when you want to move your domain or not.

If you want to move it you can, the only caveat is that you cannot purchase it and move it right away due to some restrictions on immediate moves, can when the time comes move it and never have to call the support people and hear how they'd like to keep you as a client etc and that you should have to pay the higher prices they offer because of the services,'s almost like listening to a broken record :) yes, I know I am dating myself here.

So wherever you're going to be registering your domain, make sure that they offer you flexibility when you're moving your domains away from the. Most will require you to make a phone call and engage with them. That means if you call when they are closed, you have to call them back and be at their mercy.

We offer you flexibility and can also offer you a speedy transfer once your other registrar releases your domain.

The infamous authorization code is where they hold you hostage. A series of codes is needed to move a domain:

1. transaction id
2. security code
3. authorization code

These are all designed to protect you, but you should have full access to number 3 and be able to request it on your own. With us you can, with the others you generally can't. They have to do it for you. This is a major inconvenience.

So it's something to be aware of and look out for.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Michael Murdock

Buy Franks Shit Dot Com

Yes, that's the name of the domain. which is a fun domain name for a number of reasons.

1. It was talked about in a funny session in the Mass Control DVDs that I got when I joined Frank's Monthly program.

2. It's an interesting SEO experiment as well to see how quickly I can get it listed in Google. (am listing everything that I do so that I can repeat this with another domain).

3. Will be fun to sell advertising space on it once it gets some traffic to it so just for grins I'll do that as well.

Okay, that's enough writing about it for now. Gotta get back to work on real things. Thank goodness I actually do type fast :)

Remember, go to and just visit or click the logo and go read his blog.



Saturday, September 06, 2008

Today...September 6th, 2008

Okay, so sitting here watching the Bourne Ultimatum. Once in a while there's a movie with a cool story and not a lot of special effects. The killing one can do without, but it's fun to watch something that engages you and makes you think. This movie does that, so if you can stand a little bit of it.

Now, what have you been doing in technology this weekend? Do you still use a PC? Have you seen the Apple Macintosh 24" iMac computer yet? Did you know that is runs BOTH MacOSX and Windows XP or Windows Vista in the same computer? Yes it's true. I am very excited to be getting back to having simply 1 computer on my desk but inside of it there will be two operating systems running.

Sort of like having someone who speaks chinese and someone who speaks spanish in the same room, but when they speak, they understand each other. A novel idea, but the iMac makes that possible.

Now, why would I want something that does this you ask? Simple. Productivity. I use both Macintosh and Windows programs in my work with clients so I need both of them. Now, to be able to submit a website in one window and then open another and work on an audio or a video for another client and then be able to use dreamweaver or another program to build a website while all of this is going on...priceless.

Oh and it's not just the desktops that can do this, the laptops can as well. :) For under $2000!!

Am in the process of building new websites for some clients and keeping some others on top of google where they belong.

It's great being able to serve others and help them, but it's good to find people that are committed to their vision and willing to stick with it.

When you start out on a mission you want to be sure it's something you want to do and something you want to stick with. If you're doing this for you and your business, make sure that you're "into" doing your business. It's not good for your spirit or your soul to be into something and then all of a sudden abandon it because "you can't do it". If you can't do it alone, then get a team of people to help you achieve your goals. Always ask for help, and if you're not sure how to ask, then send me an email and say "Mike, I don't know how to ask for help, but I know we need some". When you do I will help you and connect you with the right team members and make your project happen.

So...what are you doing for your business today?