June 2008 Newsletter

Did someone say SUMMER?

Yes, it's summer time and down here in Scottsdale it's a HOT ONE.
This summer as it turns out more and more people are staying at home and
working. Due to the economy it seems that more and more of you are looking
for ways to create a home-based business to add some additional income
into the bank.

As you sit there reading through this. I know that you're thinking about
all the ways that you can turn your website into a money-making venture as
a result of some one-on-one coaching and some direct guidance to help you.
I was doing that some time ago as well when someone offered to help me
with my work. It was a breakthrough for me to let go of the reins a bit
and allow someone else to guide me along. The result is the business I
have today. One where I help others. It's very rewarding in that regard as
I get to do something that makes me happy.

That's really what my 10 Hour Consulting package is about. It's about you
and helping you achieve your goals on the web. I've found that these
things are generally not achieved alone and that when someone has someone
holding them accountable for things, they move much quicker.
So let me ask you a question, "What are you currently doing on the web,
what's working, and what's not working?"

If you're like most people who've purchased a website, or had one designed
for a friend, you might not have thought through the true purpose of the
site. If things are not working out for you, did you know that a review of
your site may in fact reveal things that look good, but could be turning
people away in droves? I did not know that and learned it quickly in one
evening. Even sometimes a simple color change can turn a visitor into a

I like being of service and I enjoy getting people in touch with the right
resources to make their lives on the web easier. To that end, I'd like to
share this next one with you. It's quite good:

Passion To Prosperity

It's a program created by my wife Maria Simone which is helping people
figure out how to turn their talents into something worthwhile for them
and the universe. Go to the website and look things over. While you're
there sign in for the free stuff. She's got some great emails that she'll
share with you and some free audio downloads as well I believe (don't
quote me on that as she changes things around there without telling me).
The content there is really good though.


Next up, do you submit articles on the web? What I mean is do you belong
to places like www.ideamarketers.com and www.ezinearticles.com to submit
articles to the masses? If you don't, you could be losing some business. I
say this because these sites will push your writings out to the rest of
the web and people will as a result of reading what you write, come to
your website to purchase. When you read about it, I wonder how quickly
you are going to buy this product.

One of the biggest pains when submitting articles is sending them out to
more than one site. You have to log into each site every single time and
then submit the article there. It's a pain. Well now you don't have to
worry about that. Do it once and then every time after that simply launch
the My Article Submitter and enter your article there, select the many
places you want to submit it and press a button. (Only available for the
Windows platform and yes it does work under Vista).
This is an awesome resource and one of those things that will save you a
ton of time when you work with it.

My Article Submitter


Now back to you and your business. I want to help you be successful on the
web. Recently some people that I work with asked me to put together a
package that would give them one thing they never have enough of; TIME
When working with other coaches and such, they never have enough time with
the person, they don't feel that they're listened to, and they don't feel
supported. They also don't feel as if they're getting the right
information presented to them in a fashion they can understand.

And...they wanted a deliverable that they could review after all was said
and done. So I sat down and put together a coaching/consulting/support
package which is comprised of the following great elements:

1. Business evaluation - I evaluate your business. If you're an offline
business I discuss with you the potential for taking your business online.
I discuss and explain all of the potential costs for moving to the online
arena. I prepare you for the success which will come quickly by following
some really simple guidelines. I do this portion of our engagement in a
series of short, easy to follow interactive tele-conferences which I will
be recording and then provide you an mp3 file that you can listen to on
your computer or put into your iPod or other mp3 player and listen to at
your leisure.

2. Website evaluation - We examine your website for items which are
missing from the design which would make it repel (move away) both clients
as well as internet search resources which should come to it and index or
catalog it. We document these in PDF form which you may share with your
web designer or graphics designer so that they can fix them for you.

3. Assignments - We provide you a series of assignments and hold you
accountable for their delivery within a time schedule that we work out
together. This coaching is all-inclusive covering internet business from

4. Website Marketing Plan - I will prepare for a you a serial number
protected Adobe PDF file for your internet business which you can refer
back to from time to time following our engagement with you, so that
you'll know whether or not you're on the right path to keeping business
flowing to you. If it falls into someone else's hands it will be useless
to them without your access number. That way information about your
website and marketing plan are yours and nobody else's.

5. Telephone & Email Access - During the time that we're working together
you'll have free email and telephone access to me a certain amount of time
each month. This time will be to discuss you and your business and to find
unique ways to help you be successful. Additionally there will be one-on-
one coaching to hold you very tightly accountable to your own success. You
don't want to fail in business. I don't want you to either.
I wonder how quickly you are going to buy this product when you learn how
easy it is to purchase. We've broken the payments up into chunks that you
can pay as you go. Just 4 payments of $875 gets you this amazing package.
Also, when you sign up right now, today, you'll get our 1 year SEO package
absolutely FREE.

10 Hour Business Consulting & Coaching package
Includes the following:
*Business Evaluation
*Website Evaluation
*Ongoing Assignments
*One-on-One Coaching
*Website Marketing Plan
*Telephone & Email Access to me
*More information on our SEO page

See it at http://www.docmurdock.com/

and read more about it as well as sign up today! Slots are filling quickly

To your success,

Michael Murdock

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