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Are you available next week?

Are you tired of "roller coaster" income?

Are you working too hard trading your time for dollars?

Are you concerned your clients don't appreciate what you have to offer?

Are you in overwhelm? Too much information and don't understand technology?

...then please tune in with me to a FR*EE TELECLASS Thursday, June 19th at 5pm pst/8pm est.

"Change Your Life Forever: How To Transform Your Talents Into Products That Serve Others And Attract Customers With Ease"

Maria Simone has created a successful entrepreneurial career for herself and helping thousands in the process.

She's spilling the beans and promises to make this call full of value.

Please reserve your spot today because I'm told it is filling up fast.

If you can't make it, register anyway and you'll get the playback link.

Hope to hear you on the call!

All the best,

Michael Murdock

June 2008 Newsletter

Did someone say SUMMER?

Yes, it's summer time and down here in Scottsdale it's a HOT ONE.
This summer as it turns out more and more people are staying at home and
working. Due to the economy it seems that more and more of you are looking
for ways to create a home-based business to add some additional income
into the bank.

As you sit there reading through this. I know that you're thinking about
all the ways that you can turn your website into a money-making venture as
a result of some one-on-one coaching and some direct guidance to help you.
I was doing that some time ago as well when someone offered to help me
with my work. It was a breakthrough for me to let go of the reins a bit
and allow someone else to guide me along. The result is the business I
have today. One where I help others. It's very rewarding in that regard as
I get to do something that makes me happy.

That's really what my 10 Hour Consulting package is about. It's about you
and helping you achieve your goals on…

Do you know how great you are?

When was the last time someone stopped you and told you how great you are? When was the last time you stopped and told yourself how great you are? Think on that for a second and read on:


Did you feel your vibration shift? I sure hope so. We don't stop often enough to appreciate ourselves and to love ourselves by simply taking a moment to take a breath and appreciate who we are.

We're all in this busy-ness called life together. But we still should take time to give a little bit of thanks to ourselves for being who we are, no matter what's going on in our lives. No matter how busy you are, you can shift your energy and your vibration and what you're attracting instantly by taking time to appreciate who you are.

I want to make sure you know that you're important in my life. Not because of how much you spend with me, but because you've taken time to step into my life and allowed me to share with you a nugget of information, a jok…