A Reader has Unsubscribed...

I was shocked to read that after I posted my Memorial Day message that someone unsubscribed from my blog and listed the content as irrelevant.

Yes, it's irrelevant to think about our troops. I agree. It's irrelevant to think about people dying. I agree. The think about those who think that it's irrelevant is that they're sitting around with their head stuck in the sand not paying attention to the world around.

Even the Law of Attraction requires that on some level you take action. If you're sitting around thinking great thoughts and being peaceful, you still have to take action to move things into your plain of existence. It does not happen automatically.

If you don't fill out the card to enter the contest, the winning check will not arrive to you magically. Take action! Fill out the card and then know that you're going to win, and you shall win.

But please if you don't want to read posts...just unsubscribe, but don't have the limp neck to tell me that the content being posted into this blog is irrelevant.

I am a Disabled US NAVY Veteran and Damned Proud of my time in service. Everytime I look at my HONORABLE DISCHARGE certificate I know that I earned it. My family has given a lot to this country in the preservation of freedom and will continue to do so.

Why? Because it's RELEVANT.

Michael Murdock, CEO

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