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A Reader has Unsubscribed...

I was shocked to read that after I posted my Memorial Day message that someone unsubscribed from my blog and listed the content as irrelevant.

Yes, it's irrelevant to think about our troops. I agree. It's irrelevant to think about people dying. I agree. The think about those who think that it's irrelevant is that they're sitting around with their head stuck in the sand not paying attention to the world around.

Even the Law of Attraction requires that on some level you take action. If you're sitting around thinking great thoughts and being peaceful, you still have to take action to move things into your plain of existence. It does not happen automatically.

If you don't fill out the card to enter the contest, the winning check will not arrive to you magically. Take action! Fill out the card and then know that you're going to win, and you shall win.

But please if you don't want to read posts...just unsubscribe, but don't have the limp neck to tell me that …

Memorial Day - A time to remember...and change

Memorial Day always stirs memories for me. I entered the service in 1978 while still in High School. When I deployed in mid-1979 there was a bit of turmoil in the world which eventually culminated in the Shah of Iran being deposed from power and 52 Americans being taken hostage by members of that country that overthrew the government.

In 1980 life swerved me to transfer from my ship the USS America on the East Coast, to the USS Ranger CV61 which was tied up in San Diego, CA and in September of 1980 left for the Indian Ocean. We were there on station when the hostage airplane left Iran following the swearing in of Ronald Reagan. Life was definitely exciting. We were bound by that mission and those of us who sailed in Ranger still remain in touch to this day.

My father served honorably during the Vietnam War and other conflicts that I shall not discuss here. He's a decorated hero that is now suffering from PTSD as many others are. The lack of care that this country bestows on its &quo…

Split Payments for our 1 Year SEO Package

Hi folks. It's almost the end of the week and we know you're busy. We wanted to slip in a little bit of news to share with you.

Did you know that a simple promotion of your website through a press release along with submissions to search engines can expose you to more potential clients and more potential sales? It's true.

We provide press release promotion 5 times per year to all of our 1YearSEO package clients. We'll take your press release that you give us and promote it out to the search engines through channels 5 times per year. The release can be different each time. This is just one value we add to our special 1 year SEO (Search Engine Optimization) package.

Today we're announcing split-payments. We're splitting the payments on our $2000 package right down the middle. Now when you sign up through a special page you can pay this in 2 installments of $1,000 each with no additional fees.

Pay $1,000 today, and in 30 days your…