Aweber...What a great tool

Are you communicating with your client base on the web? How are you accomplishing this? Have you set them all up in Outlook and weekly you're emailing them some email that may or may not represent the type of image you wish to convey with regards to your business?

Well, let's get down to brass tacks here folks. If you're looking to convey a specific type of image or impression to your clients and you're not in need of a full blown shopping cart system, then you need to be using Aweber

This tool allows you very quickly to set up each of your clients into a viable database that can then be used to do mass mailings as often as you need to. So why would you want to do this if you had Outlook set up properly? Let's say that you have a problem with your computer right at the point that you want to do your emailing and you miss your window for mailing your clients. You can potentially lose clients and opportunities.

With Aweber your information is safe on another system and is always available. So your computer is down, you run to a friends house and log onto your account via Internet Explorer or Firefox or Safari and you're able to send out your email to everyone quickly and easily.

Now, you need to send out an email to a 1000 people in your database, how do you go about doing that? Simple, you've got all your email addresses loaded into Aweber and all you do is enter the information you want to send out, select a template to use and click send (there's a couple of other steps in there, but generally it's just that easy).

So what does this great tool run per month? Just $19.99. Now, if you use our special link that we've provided for you through out this blog entry and sign up for 1 year of service you can save $60.00.

Sign up here for Aweber and get started sending out email messages, newsletters, bulletins to your entire list today.

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