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**_BIZEBYTES - I WANT YOU ON MY LIST TODAY!_** is where to sign up.

I want your real name and a legitimate email address.
I know that's asking alot. Questions must be running through your head right now. Let me see if I can be a mind reader (not something I usually do) and respond to those:

Q - WHY?
A- To build a relationship with you.

Q - WHY?
A - Because with 30 years of tech background, and Internet experience since the very beginning of the Internet, there are things out there that I know and would like to share with a select group of people.

Q - WHY?
A - Because you deserve it.

* - You deserve to get quality information in limited spoonfuls from someone who cares about your being successful on the Internet.

*-You deserve not to get sold every fly-by-night tool out there that claims success and fails to deliver.

*-You deserve not to be bombarded with garbage that you have no use for. You deserve not to have to pay for every piece of advice you receive.

That's the relationship I want to create with you. I want to give you something and in return, I expect absolutely nothing, except...that you'll receive value from what I send you. If you don't, please unsubscribe, because the last thing I want to do is not provide value to my clients.

I want to build a group of quality people that I can send limited emails each month which contain valuable information and things that which you're actually looking for. Some people will drag you through the mud on this, I have no time for that, and neither do you.

What I will NOT do with your information:

a. I will NOT sell it.
b. I will NOT rent it.
c. I will NOT give it away to anyone.

How many emails will I send? On a good more than 5 (basically 1 per week, and maybe an additional 1 on one weekend), UNLESS there's something really hot that hit the market that you need to know about. Sound fair? Good. If that's not enough, let me know by sending me a note (see the webpage for my email address) and tell me how many you'd like to see. We'll hold a poll and award a prize.

Go to the link at the top of the email to sign up today.

Thanks for joining in a few minutes you should receive a notice that thanks you for joining up and will contain some additional information.

Best regards,

Michael Murdock, CEO

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