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BizEBytes - Join Today

**_BIZEBYTES - I WANT YOU ON MY LIST TODAY!_** is where to sign up.

I want your real name and a legitimate email address.
I know that's asking alot. Questions must be running through your head right now. Let me see if I can be a mind reader (not something I usually do) and respond to those:

Q - WHY?
A- To build a relationship with you.

Q - WHY?
A - Because with 30 years of tech background, and Internet experience since the very beginning of the Internet, there are things out there that I know and would like to share with a select group of people.

Q - WHY?
A - Because you deserve it.

* - You deserve to get quality information in limited spoonfuls from someone who cares about your being successful on the Internet.

*-You deserve not to get sold every fly-by-night tool out there that claims success and fails to deliver.

*-You deserve not to be bombarded with garbage that you have no use for. You deserve not to have to pay for every piece of advice you receive.

That's t…

DocMurdock in 2008

Are you aware that better than 70% of people who have a website have no idea why? It's true. I consult with people to help them better understand the web and the potential of a website. I also help them realize that potential by guiding them to the right resources to make that website stand out to their marketplace.

Education is a big part of our business which involves educating clients about things they can do on the web to increase their visibility, to drive customers or clients to them to purchase their products, to have products created or to create products themselves quickly and easily so that their market can purchase them.

We provide services to assist clients with merchant accounts, hosting, domain names, shopping carts, autoresponders and really all of the elements necessary to do business on the Internet. We do these things fast, and in such a way that clients feel special.

We're here to serve. How may we serve you?

Michael Murdock