Tuesday, December 16, 2008

$1 Salaries for CEO's

When was the last time you did something really well for $1? I can remember how long ago it was that I worked hard for $1. It was more than 40 years ago. It was Norfolk Virginia and it was 1968. I was a kid.

I was not trying to watch over a company with international visibility, international responsibility, and over 10,000 employees. You don't get anyone to do what they need to do in these cases by allowing them to take a salary of $1 which is really merely symbolic.

Were I to become CEO of Yahoo, NOBODY on our payroll would be entitled to take a $1 salary. You'd take a paycheck and donate if you wanted to, if you had millions in the bank and did not 'need' the money, then you could donate it to some charity in your own name.

We'd also cap the salaries within the company so that people were more focused on doing the work vs. just the money. Some who get salaries sit on their hands because they are on a salary. So you need to encourage them in some way to do more work. We have ways of doing this that will allow for people to share in the wealth of the company as long as we do well and always beat estimates and keep our shareholders happy. Employees are shareholders so this would benefit them as well.

More on this when Yahoo comes through .


Investors in Yahoo...Should you be worried? I think so.

If you're an investor in a company that's doing pretty good, but losing marketshare and all of a sudden in the midst of things, the CEO decides to NOT do a deal with a major corporation, should you be worried? No, not really. He does have another plan right? Well...in some cases the answer is yes, and in the case of Yahoo, it was YES, but...it did not involve doing the company any good. In this case the CEO just said "I am stepping down, but when my successor is found, I will hang around to do what I've always done". Should you be worried? OH Yes.

Now, in the world of corporate America there's a perception that you have to pay a CEO many millions of dollars to run a company. It's a myth that was created long ago. It's not one that hold much water if you look around at how literally screwed up the economy in our country is.

I've always held a belief that to be at the top of a company and to run things you really had to have a passion for doing them. You had to believe in the product being produced and you had to always look out for its best interests.

Let me give you examples in recent history of those NOT looking out for the best interest of the company, or the products:

A. Scott McNealy & Jonathan Schwartz - Scott thought it would be a great idea to continue his rampage of Bill Gates and how screwed up things were at Microsoft (I was working there at the time) as our stock was trading in the $130 per share range. What happened? The bottom fell out of the company and the stock plunged so fast people thought the Titanic was sinking again. It never recovered and is trading so low that you need a magnifying glass to find it.

B. Yahoo Founder Jerry Yang in the midst of things getting a bit tough at the company after making a decision NOT to sell of the foundation of the company (SEARCH) to Microsoft decides that after he's trashed the deal that he'll just "step down" before a successor has been found, basically leaving the cart without a horse sailing down a hill out of control. How did it effect the stock, basically it broke it in half and now the stock bounces between 9.50 and 13.50 per share. It had traded in the $455 range at one point in company history. A long way to fall valuation-wise from 455.00 per share to 13.50 per share. Substantial to say the least.

C. The combined heads of the BIG 3 automakers. Why do we combine them here? Because hopefully out of the 3 being slammed into one another and achieving a critical mass, you might actually get half of a head that understands that they're trying to sink a portion of Americana that people are not sitting still for.

D. The CEOs of ANY Bank in the USA. Because basically they're all crooks and they're getting a bailout without any questions of why they're needing it, where the money is that they're missing, and why the taxpayers should foot their bill while they dump many of us onto the streets by selling loans off to foreign banks who have no interest in Americans keeping their homes.

In ALL of these cases, these people were paid multiple millions of dollars basically to trash the companies which they were tasked with leading. Now how can I say this after they did such a good job? Well...look at the good, weigh it with the bad and you have your answers. Also look around you and see how many people are losing their jobs, how many companies have layoffs because they can't afford to pay their people, and how many of these CEOs leap out the window with a proverbial parachute made of gold. Too bad they're really not made of gold though. When that sucker hit's the ground with that parachute slamming into them and driving them through the pavement...that kind of expresses how some people feel that leave these companies and have to go out and get a job while these people sit at home in the lap of luxury laughing all the way to the bank.

What should happen is that their 'packages' should get curtailed and they should have to file for unemployment as well, no matter their financial status. Just to have it in public record that they were fired, or quit.

Now, is this a slam on rich people? Absolutely not. I love the rich. I love people that participate in society and give to help others. Do I think that Teachers should be paid more? Oh yes. Do I think that Sports puts their people way too high on a pedastal? Ask OJ how the food in Jail is now that he's there. Ask Michael Vick what he thinks of life in the IronBarHotel. Is it 5Star service that he gets? Or can he sit down after a meal?

So what does all of this have to do with me wanting to be CEO of Yahoo Inc? Simple. Years ago I was challenged to run for CEO of a major computer company. During the time of being interviewed for that by some reporters I was asked what I would do the job for money-wise. I said $88,000 for a year. They laughed at me. Sure it was a low figure, but people focus on the money too much. Now our country is questioning why companies pay CEO's millions and millions of dollars to do what they do and why would I do something for such a low price back then?

Because it was not about the money. It was about the company, the people, the products, the clients and the investors. That was 1997, the company was Apple. The person I was challenged to run against was my ex-boss at PIXAR, Steve Jobs. When I left PIXAR in 1997 and left in $ value considering my options were granted at a pre-IPO price, right around 2 Million dollars on the table to help encourage Steve to go back to Apple and become CEO again. How many people would do that for something they believe in? Not many.

Do I believe in Yahoo enough to sacrifice anything? Yes. I already have and they're jockeying around courting others when they should be calling me to schedule my move-in to the top office.
I have put my name out there. I have offered to take on this position for a price that NO other CEO will. $2 Million after taxes with full benefits package offered normally, minus the golden parachute option.

Why? Because Yahoo is so much more than a turn-around opportunity. It's more than a chance to add another notch into the turn around belt. It's people. It's great products/services. It's clients. And lastly, it's Investors. Many CEO's get that order mixed up. They put Investors first, forgetting that without all of the other things, there is nothing for investors to invest in.

If I were Jerry Yang, I would have asked myself, is this Microsoft deal good for the people of the company? (they are investors as well). The answer was really "Yes, but only in the short term". In the end it would have meant the gradual erosion of Yahoo into nothingness. Yahoo would have just become another Microsoft property and gradually would have disappeared from the map. Search would have been trashed by Microsoft's people as MSN search was after they stopped licensing Google's results, and Google would be the only place to get search results from, save a few insignificant search engines.

Jerry stepped down. I am ready to step in. I just need the current Board and Management Team at Yahoo to step up with a contract for 2 years and that $2 million in pay plus benefits and we can be off turning the company around, creating new partnerships/relationships and opportunities for Yahoo as a company. I have some great ideas, but they're staying with me until I am CEO of that company. When that happens...Life will be better for all involved.

Thanks for taking time to read.

Michael Murdock, CEO

Check out http://www.docmurdock.com/yahoo.htm for more on me as CEO of Yahoo

Monday, December 08, 2008

Attn Blog Readers...New Fake Paypal Emails going around

Alright folks. It's time to get serious. Around this time of the year, the thieves who will rob you blind on the web are out in force. I will be posting a sample of an Ebay fraud email that I recently got which looked so real I almost clicked on it, but tonight we're talking PayPal.
PayPal is now an Ebay company. What does that mean? It means that they know your name and they will NEVER address you by the term PAYPAL MEMBER or what you see in these example images I am going to include below. Look these over carefully. If you've ever used PayPal or any service like it, these look legit. They are not. If you get one in your mailbox, do not, I repeat DO NOT click anythi
ng inside the email. If you do, you'll begin to regret it in about 10 minutes or less. It depends on how fast you can call your bank to cancel any credit cards you have linked anywhere on the web, because these folks will find you and rob you blind. I am not kidding about this. It's something I warn people about all the time, but once in a while I get that frantic call "HELP, MICHAEL, WHAT DO I DO?"

So to avoid having to call me for anything other than to sign up to do SEO business :) Please look over the following images and keep them fresh in your head the next time you're on the phone chatting, checking email and all of a sudden one pops up and you get distracted and click. You'll know that you were warned about it. If you do click, I will never say I told you so. I can help you, but you have to get in touch 
with me right away, after you unplug your computer from the network and shut it down.

Here's the emails. These are not samples. They are the real deal, but these are pictures of them.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Yahoo CEO blurbs...

Well yesterday was an interesting day. It's fun to once in a while shake things up in Tech. See I have been around long enough to know that nobody takes you seriously in this unless you have a few million in the bank and have run a bunch of large companies into the ground.

What I do choose to point out is that there are a lot of people who've invested in Yahoo and lost their backside. Now, every day the company which is right now profitable is spending money and not making real progress to fix things that could bring it closer to recovering to the point of where more people want to invest in it. So it's sort of a Loss-Leader. Eventually people will get tired of it, pull all of their money out and it will dry up and wither away.

You read about all of the prospective buyout offers...have to be approved by a majority of shareholders (Icahn only has 5% of the company), the remaining investors will SUE Yang and the others if their investments are not protected and will tie up any deals they don't like in court for so long forcing both sides to rescind them.

Yahoo keeps saying it wants to be bold. It wants to be something again, but Jerry keeps saying how he thinks it's time for a new leader, but he wants to stay on. Nobody wants that over their head. I sure don't. The only way I will come in as CEO is if the current board steps aside along with the Management team to be replaced by people of my choosing. They'll be experienced people, but they'll have no ties to Yahoo's past. They'll not be former officers of the company looking to make a name. They will not be founders wanting to have their hands in things. They'll be a board that will understand that this CEO makes policy while respecting their opinions, but really only wants them there as corporate figureheads, nothing more. And, this CEO will be President & CEO of the company. No Susan Decker around looking bad enough to be singled out in a poll and listed more important to fire, than to make a deal with AOL. That's pretty sad Susan. Who did you piss off?

Yahoo needs someone who has focus on a vision and imparts that vision to everyone else in the company in such a way that they are excited about it. Also in such a way that they understand that their mission in the company is to bring that vision to life. If they don't agree with it, if they don't want to help with it, then their mission is to pack up and find some other place to rest their backside. I never said that I'd come in and not lay anyone off. That I would not make cuts deeper than any previous CEO. That I would not expect EVERY salaried employee to extend their workday if necessary to see that they're job was done and to ensure that their part of the company was on track to be profitable. I would expect that, and I would be laying people off to slim down excess. I would be with my team going through every single property that we own and evaluating it for profit potential. I would be going through every license agreement that we had and evaluating it for benefit to Yahoo. There's a lot I would do.

My thought is that Yahoo is going to dilly-dally around and miss out on the opportunity to bring me on. I am not going to spend my time offering things to them much longer. In fact my offer to come in as CEO at the salary that I am offering to do this for will expire on 12/31/2008 at Midnight ARIZONA TIME, that's 11:00pm California Time. After that, the price will triple or simply be non-affordable for Yahoo, Inc.

I guess we'll wait and see what happens. In the meantime if there is a company out there who does desire someone with a go-get-it-done attitude and one who will make changes to a company, send me an email. I will be happy to consult with you about how to change your company and get you on the right track. The cost? We'll talk, but my engagement price is well known, and it's NOT on my current website.

Michael Murdock, CEO

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Best Wishes Joel - Rest in Peace

Today was a somber day of sorts. In a weekend where we celebrate being thankful, it was most appropriate to meet and say "Thanks" to a man who left suddenly in the midst of life to go on to do work that we all eventually are called to do.

Joel Sinclaire passed away suddenly and left a hole in Scottsdale society. I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times at a local networking event.

I had the honor of attending his service and in the the Jewish tradition (of which I was not aware) helped to place dirt upon his casket as it rest in the Earth. That was a ground shaking connection across bounds of time and space that I've not experienced before.

There was a sense of loss felt by many, but for myself I simply wanted to say "Thanks". Thanks for taking time out to say hi. Thanks for taking time to shake hands and share what was going on in your life and work. Thanks for being part of my experience in this lifetime and allowing me to share in this experience of your crossing over.

You will be missed by many. A few I know have mentioned their sadness and I've reached out to them to share with them that gone as you are from the physical you are here in spirit. You are welcome to come to our home and connect when you're near this end of the universe. May your travels be many and may you help many in your new assignment on the other side.

Do visit your family and let them know somehow that you're okay over there. They do really miss you.

Rest in Peace Joel, and once again..."Thanks"

Michael Murdock

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving...A time for reflection

This time of year is a good time to reflect. It's nice to think about how many nice people we've met along the way, about the abundance that's flowed into our lives and about the opportunities that we've had to help others out.

I hope that you have time to be with your family, that you're able to enjoy that time and have some great food, share time with friends and be a bit happy.

May the God of your choice bless you and your family and may you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Michael Murdock, CEO

Monday, November 24, 2008

What's it take to run Yahoo?

What does it take to run Yahoo or any large company like it?

Most would argue that it takes experience managing a multi-billion dollar company. That it takes years and years of experience to do this and that nobody is qualified unless they've been under the proverbial microscope of a Board, a management team and every employee in the company.

Well, if that's the case, then we must have really been blinded in the election. We've just elected a man to be President of the largest corporation on the planet, and to lead us through much more than a stock value drop, or a shift in technology drop.

In otherwords, I'd say your argument does not hold water. I say what it takes to run a company like Yahoo or any other company for that matter making products, selling services on the Internet are the following (please take note, Executive Boards of Yahoo, SUN, and anyone else out there thinking of hiring some high-priced Golden Parachute scouting son-of-a-gun):

a. Passion
b. Determination
c. Ability to think on their feet
d. Ability to communicate effectively with others
e. charisma
f. Ability to rally people around a common cause
g. bullshit detection meter - Mine's recently been calibrated
h. sense of humor
i. openness to create partnerships
j. ability to work with others
k. ability to work past issues, connect with others and see the good in everyone
m. someone who is conscious, spiritual and knows that this is more than just about money

In other words, I am more than qualified for this position as are a number of others out there. However, that item M might give some of the other issue. For what I have seen in corporate America that is disturbing and we've all seen it recently in Washington is that for some it's all about the money.

What I'd like companies to do is be more open to looking at the supposed "dark horses" as we're not a bad group. We've got passion for your company. We're driven to see you succeed. We're pissed that you're where you are and we understand that you're able to come out of this at some point, but you need guidance and someone that can make snap decisions that will benefit the company.

You're playing with a loaded deck. You know all the problems you're facing. We don't. We can only go off what we read, what we hear, what we see. But we're still here to help. So don't look the gift horse in the mouth. We could do this for a lot more $$, but for some of us there is more than just money out there. It's about the people, the company, the culture and the helping that matters.

Best regards,

Michael Murdock, CEO

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yahoo Restructuring Overview

The following is an overview presentation to the Executive Board & the investing public regarding Yahoo, Inc.

*on a sidenote, there are a number of video services out there. I tried 5 of them this evening and none of them rendered the lead in and lead out slides in this correctly. The shown version here is the best result and it's from the service at viddler.com

Thanks for watching this. Tell your investor friends about this. Yahoo will be exciting once again should the choose to offer me the position of CEO. Let's just see what happens.

Michael Murdock, CEO

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Create A New Info Product In 24 Hours... Let Me Explain

Here's something you already know: Information Marketing is booming.

But that doesn't mean much to anyone who doesn't have their own product.

So how do you create one starting from scratch, especially if you don't have any experience?

And, more importantly, how soon can you really have a quality info product up and selling? You couldn't just decide to create a new, high-value product and have it ready in a few days... could you??

Well, if you've read Brian McElroy's rock-solid "Product Creation Manifesto", then you know that it's entirely possible.

This is an important subject so I was quick to download a copy of his new report as soon as it was released.

Sure, there's no shortage of free reports and free videos and free this and free that online ... but much of free is regurgitated or outdated info.

Then there are the gems; The ones that are actually worth the time investment to work through.

The "Product Creation Manifesto" is a GEM. http://is.gd/80pV

Reading through this 36 page PDF took me one sitting, but the ideas it contains will be running around in my head for weeks.

Some of what I picked up:

Affiliate marketing is EASY when you have your own product.  Brian shows how he built up a full-time income from promoting other people's products... even though he's no good at it!

Getting Joint Ventures is like a stroll in the park when you follow Brian's advice.  This is the best source of free traffic you could possibly ask for.

Hiring writers to create your product on "freelancer" sites is NOT a good idea!  Brian shows you where to pick up incredible bargains.

Those were just from the first few pages!

Brian's Manifesto also reveals the weird reason why you shouldn't sell information.  It's a losing ballgame!  What you should really sell is a solution, and he reveals his methods for doing so.

This is highly recommended reading for information product merchants and, probably even more so, affiliate marketers.

NOTE: If you do *not* have an info-product of your own or are intimidated by the idea of creating one, this should be required reading.

Click here to pick up your free copy of the new Product Creation Manifesto:

All success,

Michael Murdock   

Monday, November 17, 2008

An experiment in chipping in

This was set up to let people get some info and when they find it of value, it's easy to contribute. In the end some of the money will be used to help some of the less fortunate in the area who have been affected by job loss or by the economy besides ourselves.


Michael Murdock

I was in shock! Utter disbelief!

When I saw that email that offered the package that I am going to describe right now:

3 DVDs of highly confusing technically aged information
2 Glossy covered magazines
Access to a forum of people not associated with the company and their product.

Price...$800.00 per month. Huh??? Yes, $800 per month for this and the next month you might get a DVD and you might get a magazine, but the magazine would not be edited as you'd expect. There'd be errors and no apologies, just perhaps a reshipment of your original package plus everything else up to that time and when you received it, it'd be damaged.

Total cost for the year - $9,600.00 and no guarantees of success, nor direct support from the company.

I had to sit down and think. Was this a good investment? Was the information in these products ground-shaking? Both answers were an overwhelming NO.

What I've just described to you is true. It's not fake. It's not something that someone dreamed up, although I think since they're creative marketers that they'll get away with it for a bit.

http://www.docmurdock.com - not to find that package, to get BIGSEO.

Why am I telling about that product which shall remain nameless? To tell you about one that you can get right now that will give you substantially more for your investment as well as get you direct accessible support for an entire year for just $1500.

We're talking here about BIGSEO. This is the name for a package that I have which encompasses not only Website Optimization for your site, it also gets into Internet Marketing with up to date tools, shows you all the things you need to know to do this yourself if you desire at some point (training), and it goes for a full year for that $1500 price.

$1500 vs. $9600. Direct support vs. No support. No complicated DVDs with language that takes a translator vs. DVDs that require someone else to listen to, then hire a translator to tell me what they all mean.

Are you beginning to see why our BIGSEO package would be a winning investment? I sure hope so. We're not shortcutting on the value of things. You're going to get more value from our package than the other plus you get a real person to interact with. The value of our package in time and deliverables is over $15000 for the year.

So what is SEO (search engine optimization) or Website Optimization. Really they're both the same thing, except one term really caught on. SEO. SEO is about making your website more attractive to a search engine so that it gets listed in what are called the FREE/Organic search listings. It's also about getting your site exposed to your ideal market so that when they search, they see your name/brand and can identify with you by simple words that are present in the search result. We help make that happen.

What does BIGSEO come with?

1. Business evaluation - Is this the right business?
2. Website evaluation - What do you expect your site to do?
3. Assignments for you to perform for YOUR business + Coaching
4. Website Marketing Plan + Coaching
5. Telephone & Email access (value is $600 per 2 hours)
6. SEO for your website (Top 5 pages) 1 year + Coaching
7. Press Release Promotion - 5 Press Releases. You write, We promote
8. 24 Hours consulting (2 Hours per month,see value above)

You can read more about that on the following page: http://www.docmurdock.com as we put it right up front for people to see. Scroll to the BIGSEO mention and read through what we'll be doing with you. Yes, WITH you. We work with our clients or their web people directly when we do this work. We also share our knowledge and train people (if interested) on how to do this themselves. It's a bonus we provide so that people are not stuck if they want to change things down the road after working with us.

So what do you need for your website or business right now? Do you have the right tools to get things done? Are you sending emails out to your list every week or so? Do clients find it hard to get information out of you? Are you using a Shopping Cart to process orders? Do you follow up with buyers after they purchase?

DocMurdock offers many business resources on our website. When you're visiting, just press the Resources link and see what we have there. We also have a store if you're looking for gifts for others. Click Store to peek at those items.

We wanted to let you know our BIGSEO package is ON SALE right now. We know times are tough so we've reduced the price so that you can take advantage of this today. No better day to start than Monday.

Normal price is $2500, but we've discounted it to $1500 so that you can sign up and we can get working on your site now. There's no reason to wait on this any longer. We'd like to begin working to help your site be more visible to more people now.

When you go to http://www.docmurdock.com and you click the ADD to Cart button when you've read about BIGSEO, make sure to use the code of SALE in the shoppingcart. When you do this, click the APPLY button and you'll see your $1000 discount. 

Yes, we're giving $1000 off when you sign up today for this package. So don't delay. If you can't start working on it till later in the month, don't worry. Sign up today though to get that price. We'll adjust the start time to when you want it to be. We're just asking people sign up now so we know to schedule our time appropriately.

Plus a bonus. Everyone who signs up TODAY 11/17/2008 will receive service until 12/31/2009.

Email me at murdock@docmurdock.com if you'd like to chat before signing up for this. I am available today to discuss what you need for your website/web presence.

Michael Murdock, CEO

Sunday, November 16, 2008

SUN Microsystems...Time for Changes at the TOP

It's been a long time since I wrote anything negative about SUN. I tried to patch some things up with Scott McNealy after writing a few scathing emails/letters to him following being laid off in 2002 along with 11% of the company. But now I think it's time to dust off the fingers and commence on a campaign to end the reign of McNealy & Company at SUN. Scott, it's time to go.

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I have a habit of speaking my piece. There's another one besides Scott that needs to go and that's Jonathan. Yes, it's true. I go back to emails that I had with the two of them about a few things and one of those was from Scott telling me after I questioned Jonathan being CEO where Scott tells me "I trust him". Well...Scott, it seems like you might have had a MCCain moment there and blown it. The company is NOT better off with Jonathan running things. Not any better off than it was when you were running things. So...time for a change.

Now there are those of us who have been through the school of hard knocks and learned a lot along the way. One of those things is that you don't lose touch with your market. Sun has lost that touch a long time ago. It started back in the day when you were slamming Gates about things Microsoft was doing wrong and how much of a bastard he was. Well...who did Microsoft run and bail out in 1997? Apple. Did they open their wallet up to SUN? Even though the world knows that Hotmail was run on Sun Servers. Did they come to our rescue? Nope. Why? Because you were out there slamming Bill Gates. Steve Jobs did it in Triumph of the Nerds, but Steve and Bill go back a bit further on the friends chain than you do and...Apple does run Microsoft software, something SUN does not do.

So you slammed him back then, the stock took a real dip from 130/share sliding down and down. Personally you cost me $300,000 in lost stock option value. Needless to say, I am not happy about that as that money would have been worth substantially more had you kept your mouth shut and run the company the way it should have been run.

So to rebuild the company, instead of going through and thinning projects, licensing off the money losers to some others to turn them into profit generators, trim salaries and other smart things, you expand, buy more companies to try and beat people out and continue to hemmorage the company away.

What was our revenue in 1998 - 1999? Around 9-13 Billion a year. Now it's around 3 billion? COME ON PEOPLE. Wake up and smell what the hell you're cooking.

Yes, I am angry. I have several hundred people that I know who work for SUN, some still do, and they are losing their savings because the people at the top are standing around jerking off into a fan hoping not to get wet.

If I was a major shareholder, I'd call for an emergency meeting to call for a vote to have the executive management team at the company removed for cause and immediately replaced by one that can turn things around.

I am one that would come in and help to turn the company around. HOW? Ask me when I am there. I am not making any mistakes of publicly disclosing plans for any turn around. I have done that before and it did not work out. Let me just say that I guarantee to turn the company profitable in 1 year or LESS or I will leave without ANY parachute whatsoever. My cost to come in and fix this problem? $500,000 (after taxes). Chump change based on the amount of work that I'll have to do in this adventure. When successful, I'll take a $1Million dollar bonus, train a successor and stay on as President/Chairman of the Board for oversight of the company.

I can do this with a management team of my choosing, and the power to do it. We can make the changes necessary to turn the company around and beat the streets estimates by a substantial margin.

So...all major shareholders who hold SUN Stock, do what you need to do to make this happen, I will come in and help turn your investment into something more than worthless paper.

If you're tired of losing your backside due to mis-management by an inept team that has it's eye everywhere but on the ball, then get in touch with me. I am reachable and ready to fly to the Bay Area to make this happen. Just Fed-Ex me the offer documents and a ticket and we'll get started.

Michael Murdock, CEO
DocMurdock Internet Business Consulting

Have you seen this? Create your own product overnight!

In case you haven't heard there has been a lot of buzz surrounding one of Internet Marketing's most successful product Creators, Brian McElroy.  

Brian hit six figures in just six months with his own products... and now he's revealing his secrets.

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Brian is giving this information away... but only for a limited time.

Reserve Your Copy:

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To your success,


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Friday, November 07, 2008

Adwords email scam ALERT!!!!

I don't know about you, but once in a while I see an email scam come through that's pretty darned good. This one almost got me last night.

I was working along doing many things along the way with my computers, email, audio files, etc when I check my email and see one from Google talking about my Adwords account.

Now, truth be told I am an Adwords user for a number of years and even used to monitor accounts for clients (stopped doing that service offering as it's very time consuming).

The email said something about we could not complete a charge for something, please update your billing information. I looked at it checked a few things and something told me to stop and not click anything.

I was working on my Macintosh which is not as sensitive as some when it comes to email and link clicking so I decided to investigate some things. Am glad I did not click.

What I did is what EVERYONE should do when you receive an email from ANY Organization asking you to update your billing information. Go right to the site by opening a web browser and NOT by clicking a link in the email.

So, I did, went into my Google Adwords account and did some checking. No ads active, no campaigns running, so then I emailed google from inside the account, and did some checking.

A Phishing scam via email just begging me to click a link. I dug deeper using some tools at my disposal. Some hack in Japan was the perpetrator.  Now not everyone has the tools that I do to track these things, and I don't have the time or inclination to start a service to do so...unless people find that helpful and want to subscribe to such a thing...hmmmm now there's an idea that could get funded :)

Anyhow let me share with you some tips for success in dealing with things like this:

1. If you receive an email asking you to update your password, email address, billing information, BE SUSPICIOUS.

2. Do NOT click ANY LINK in the email. Not even to "test things out". If you DO, immediately close your email program and run your virus scanning/malware scanning program. If you don't have one, GET ONE NOW.

3. DO after NOT clicking any link in number 2, Go to your browser, open up the site and log in, check your account to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary. Contact the company that the account is with and let them know about the activity. They will generally provide you an email address to send the suspicious email to. Do this following their instructions.

4. **If you clicked a link in item 2, DO NOT DO item 3. Your computer is infected, Make sure to scan it and REMOVE any infections prior to logging into your account.

Yes this is scary stuff, but it's out there. If the email you get says "Dear Member" or "Dear USER" it's NOT legit. Don't trust it.

Places like EBAY, PAYPAL are large enough and secure enough that they have your full name and will ALWAYS address you by it in communcations. They will never call you member or user. Phishing people will.

If you receive one of these adwords emails, forward it to the following address at google:


They will take things from there.

Thanks for taking time to read.

Michael Murdock, CEO
DocMurdock - Internet Business Consulting

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Finally the end...and a beginning

Well folks here we are again. This time on the precipice of history. Will our country step forward and elect a black man for President. It seems to fly well on TV and in movies, but never seems to materialize into real life. What's the fear? That we won't be accepted around the world? That he won't do a good job? Or that we simply don't know him well enough, have not seen enough of him and therefore don't believe he'll do well by us.

Personally I hope it's the last one if anything. I've been an American Citizen since I was 13. I was not born here. I was born in England. It's interesting to watch America from outside this land and see how others perceive us, respect us, trash us, or love us. It's interesting to live outside the safety that we feel here or felt here before that day. It's also nice to hope for a day when we can go back to being safe and feeling loved, and admired. So this day brings a ton of mixed emotions with it.

It's my sincere prayer that the country as a whole will vote its heart, its conscience and be better for it.

May all of us get to know each other better as a result of this time, and may we all work to expand our borders, help more people, be of great service to others, and watchful of all that we survey in this time.

Have an amazing day.


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Honey! We have to go to Trader Joe's right now!

You know it's funny, sitting in the office on a Sunday evening and all of a sudden your wife runs by the room and says those words "Honey we have to go to Trader Joe's right now!" So we did. It was around 20 minutes till they close and BAM we were out the door and into Trader Joes before you could dial a telephone.

It was great walked in after getting the perfect parking spot and smelled the cookies. They were amazing in scent. Turns out there's a box of chilled chocolate chip cookies for a great price that can be had. We bought a few other things and walked out of the store.

We got to the car, I opened the doors and for some reason looked down. I don't like litter on the ground. Well there was a piece of paper there. I thought I'll pick this up and wouldn't it be interesting if this was money. Little did I know, it was exactly that. We started off and my wife asks me "What did you pick up?" I said jokingly $100 Bucks! NO WAY she said, I then said "You know I am not sure" so I reached up turned on the interior light and there staring at me was Benjamin Franklin. He was smiling at me. I at first did not believe it but then I said those wonderful words "I deserved a $100 this evening", she echoed that with "Yes you did".

So where did this money come from? No idea. Did someone lose it? It's possible. Was I wrong for taking it? I don't believe or feel so. If not me, then someone else would have. I will be following the law of circulation and putting it back into the system very quickly. It's only right to do that.

What does this illustrate? It shows that what we think about we can attract into our lives very quickly and deliberately. I was thinking this evening how cool it would be to just stumble upon some money. So how did that happen? All evening long i was thinking about Trader Joes and how we always go there on Sundays and this night it looked like we would not go, but I wanted to go so I kept thinking about it and thinking about it and my wife being sensitive to my thoughts picked up on that and we together made this though into reality.

And...when we got there, the money appeared into our sphere. It was up to me to hone in on it and I did. That's how quickly the laws can work for you. Think about what you want, know that you deserve it, be open to receiving it when it shows up, don't question why it came to you.

That's all it takes. Tomorrow...we'll work on something different for attraction purposes.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Renew Your Domain Now Notices - They're FAKE!

So when was the last time you checked your US MAIL and found a notice in it telling you that you had to renew your domain name? It's that time of year when these folks come out of the woodwork and get people to do just that. Not for 7 or 8.00, but for $30, $40, $70 for the year!

These companies that are doing this are scam artists. You don't have to pay these kinds of fees for domains any longer. Those are from the old days. Now, you can go to Snagadomain and register a .com domain for under $8.00 per year! That's right, under $8.00 per year.

These notices are not bills, but are solicitations which if you read the fine print you're not obligated to adhere to. However, they make the fine print so small that you cannot read it and that's when you get caught, you sign up for their service and your domain gets transferred to them and basically they own it and you don't.

So please be careful and when you get one of these notices, open a web browser and go to Snagdomain to see what real domain prices are and sign up with us. We're an authorized GoDaddy Reseller, and we're here to serve you and treat you right.

Thanks for taking time to read.

Michael Murdock
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Are you in need of a Webmaster?

Do you own and operate a website? Is it taking too much of your time to get things done with it? Or did you hire someone to do things, but they take forever just to change things around?

I am like you. There are times when I want things done and don't have the time to do them myself, but then I think...if I ask someone else to do this it will never get done. I wish I had a webmaster to just handle things.

Well now you can have one. We were asked to offer this service in 1994, but decided against it and held out for the longest time. Now we've found a way to provide enough service and even offer a bonus, SEO along with the packages to sweeten the deal even more.

Here check it out: http://is.gd/4C4A

Here's a list of some of the things are offered with our 3 packages:

Ongoing maintenance of your website. Site must be finished.
Changes to pages, addition of content including images
Addition of pages to your website
Addition of audio &/or video to your site (YouTube based video ask me)
Installation and configuration of your shopping cart plus training
Creation of your html email mailings to your lists within the cart
Installation of a merchant account other than PayPal*
Setup of your 1st affiliate program if you're using the Advanced cart version
Creation of products in the cart - Ongoing
Creation of Coupons - Ongoing
Creation of Bundle Offers - Ongoing
Creation of Mailing campaigns, Autoresponder mailing series - Ongoing
Direct support for questions surrounding the shopping cart
Setup new email accounts as required (if your hosting service allows)
Search Engine Optimization/Submissions Included

We've also set up 3 different lengths of time you can subscribe to our service:

3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months. If you purchase the 12 month package and pay up front you'll realize a $2000 discount off the $10,000 1 year pricing. You'll only pay $8,000 for the year of ongoing services.

Anyhow we're only offering a limited number of slots. We released this, this evening and already we've got some people signing up for service. I never thought this would be that popular, but now that I know...I am glad we're offering this.

Here's that link again: http://is.gd/4C4A

We know this is a valuable service offering. We're going to be offering this to some future class members from Passion To Prosperity so that they know they'll have their websites in good hands while they mind their businesses.

Check it out, read all of the details and if you have questions, email me before you sign up. This is a great service offering at a really great price. I want to make sure you're happy before you sign up, that way we can keep you happy through the program.

One last time, here's the link to go to, and we hope to have you in one of our programs shortly: http://is.gd/4C4A

Best regards,

Michael Murdock, CEO

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Are you using a shopping cart?

A few years back someone asked me how they could pay me on my website. I had never given a thought, but then realized that they lived in Boston and I was in California. I did not have a solution for that person so they sent me a check by mail.

It was highly inconvenient for them and if it had not been for some creative work on my part I might have lost that client. Are you in a similar position? Are you selling things through your newsletter, blog, website and still taking checks without taking advantage of various technologies out there? If so, wake up, it's time to get real. You're losing money!

People shop the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or the proverbial overused 24x7 :) So...why not cater to them in that regard. Give them a way that they can show up and purchase something from you, pay you, and you make money while you sleep. Oh and give them a thank you note when they do this and make the connection personal. When you do, you'll gain visitors, gain clients and gain a relationship and reputation of providing a valuable service which is sadly lacking in other websites, newsletters, blogs, etc.

In order to do this, I began using a tool called Kickstartcart. It's a private label of the most popular cart on the market called 1shoppingcart. So why Kickstart? Simple. I know the guy who owns that private label. He's an expert marketer and has a great set of support people backing this up. He's brought them a lot of customers so anyone who uses Kickstart gets some extra special treatment. That's been my experience, so that's the label that I promote.

Now you might be asking yourself what does this tool offer that others don't? A lot, but I am not going to answer those things here. I have a special treat for you when you go to the following link: http://is.gd/4rRP

When you get there you can read a bit about a service that we're offering for those who decide to sign on with the cart through us, and you can download a copy of the ebook which will give you a ton of information about the cart. Then you can make an educated decision about this wonderful tool that will not only make your customers happy, it will also put $$ in your pocket each month.

So please take a minute, click the link and read up on the best tool in use for people who need to sell products, email clients, send newsletters, schedule emailings, etc.



Sunday, October 19, 2008

Twitter...Personalize it!

Have you personalized your interactions on Twitter? It's good to be there and to follow others and to have them follow you, but the only way to get anywhere on there is to personalize your interactions and actually get to know people there. So when you're there, take a moment to find out who's following you and then send them a message (tweet) to at least say hi and thank them for following you. It's a very simple way to connect and it does work.

That's the tip for the evening.



Struggling with audio and video? Use this tool, end the struggle

(click the image to get to the website)

Now you can create video and audio for your website easily. Follow simple steps and pay
one low monthly fee for being able to do it. You can also add these items to your blog.

They have great tools and great support for you to use if you have questions.

Thought you should know about this source today.

Check it out and then sign up if it works for you. They have a 3 day free trial which you can take advantage of right away.

Thanks for taking time out of your Sunday to read this.


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Clickbank Commissions?

Hi blog readers :),

There's been a ton of buzz around this system 
over the past few days and if you haven't heard
about it yet, let me just fill you in...

It's called the "Commission Blueprint" - a 
radical formula created by Tim Godfrey and Steven 
Clayton that exploits Clickbank and Google in 
such a devious way that the resulting profits 
are in the realms of the *insane*.

Of course, you will have heard this kinda' thing a 
gazillion times before and to be perfectly honest so 
have I...

But after checking this out, I can give you rock
solid confirmation that this is the real deal,
especially if you want to replicate a simple system
that generates MASSIVE Clickbank commissions.

Let me just throw some figures your way...

- $6,513.04 in one day

- $153,426.72 in 6 weeks

- $526,422.83 in 7 months.

...and the crazy thing is, these numbers were 
generated by promoting ONE Clickbank product, 
bidding on just ONE keyword...and without ANY 
help from JV partners or even an email list!

...not to mention the fact that this simple 
affiliate campaign took just a few minutes to 
set up. 

How was it done?

Check out the story here:

This is a VERY VERY different ball game...

In fact, if you've ever wondered why most affiliates 
struggle to produce a red cent in profit whilst 
others effortlessly rake in unfathomable Clickbank 
commissions seemingly with their hands tied behind 
their back, then sit up and take note, because you're 
about to find out why.

The Best Thing?

You need no experience at all because they take you 
through the entire process on screen AND give you 
all the tools to actually make it happen.

The Weird Thing?

It's frankly bizarre that they're revealing this stuff. 
If it were me, I would've kept my mouth FIRMLY shut 
for sure.

These guys do 7 figures a year with Clickbank 
consistently and generate far bigger numbers than
virtually anyone else on the planet.

Point being...if you're a suffering affiliate, you 
NEED this material. Badly.

The Bad News...

There are only very limited spots available
and judging by how fast this has spread around 
the net, they'll go ultra fast... possibly
in the next few hours.

It has literally just gone live though
so you should be in time...

End result?

Affiliates who FAIL to get hold of this 
information will be left fighting for
scraps and ultimately will be in a world of 
hurt from now on; that much I can assure you...

You can't afford to be left out of the loop with
this one...

Here's the link:

Talk soon,


Sunday, October 05, 2008

24 Hour Google Listings FREE eBook

Okay, so here's what's happening today. It's Sunday and after getting out of the house for a bit, strapping on a set of rollerblades and taking my life into my own hands I decided to come home and post on my blog.

Over the past couple of weeks I've been doing some things and if you're a regular reader of the blog, you've seen them popup once in a while. http://www.no-bs-seo.com is my latest creation of a product/service. The product is a free ebook. The service is only needed if you're working with the free ebook and you hit a stumbling point.

All I want you to do is get over there and download the ebook. It's full of great information about how you can get your website visible to Google in 24 Hours or Less. It's a process, but it can be done by anyone. I give you the recipe for this. If you get stuck and you want me to do it for you, I do, for a price $497. But it gets done. From that you can build your internet marketing presence.

If you want me to do that part for you, that can be done as well, in fact am working on a project where I do it all for you including creating your social media stuff too, all for a price. That'll be more expensive depending on things that get done.

Anyway, what you need to do right now is get over to http://www.no-bs-seo.com and download the eBook and see if this is something you need or can do on your own. If you can, have at it, if you can't, then come back to the site, order the full service and we'll do it for you.

Thanks for coming by and reading about things. You can see more about me at my websites: http://www.docmurdock.com or http://www.no-bs-seo.com

See you on the web real soon.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Too Many Emails...Too Many Wrong Links - A problem to avoid at all costs

Hi. This is a touchy subject to write about at best. While I want to give a specific example of this, the fact that I know the person and am actually happy for them that they make a ton of money from sales, I saw something that caused a big red flag to shoot up.

Too many emails and too many bad links. Why would you do that to your affiliates? This causes me to sit and think and say "Wow, if they're doing it, others could be too." Not something that I want to be a part of. I want to make sure that when I send an email out to people to send them to a program, that it's the right link so that I actually get credit for sales.

In the business of affiliate marketing it's important for affiliates to make money. We after all are investing our time in promoting your product or service or seminar, which now costs us money because while we're promoting you, we're ignoring our own stuff, and then our people may go to your site and buy your stuff, but we don't get credit for it, because after we did our mailing to several hundred or several thousand you come back and tell us "Oh no! I screwed up, use this link" and then again, and again. I'd be wringing the neck of someone who gave me the wrong link in the first place.

I know some sales were made, and I eventually hope to find out to whom so that I can then ask for the commissions that should be paid to me for those people, but due to the link snafu I'll probably not see the money and will be told "Oh you should have waited until we sent out all the emails telling you that we messed up".

Respect your affiliates. They are partners who are helping promote you and you're making the lion's share of the profits out of these things. Without their promotions would you be making less? Perhaps, or maybe you don't need affiliates at all...or maybe without them you'd be lost. I think those out there doing these marketing campaigns to millions need to make sure that they are getting the right information to their partners so that we can share it right the first time to our people, so that we actually get credited for the sales that we make.

I hope that made sense. Questions? email support@docmurdock.com and of course you can always visit our site at http://www.docmurdock.com for more information on what we do.

Best regards,

Michael Murdock, CEO

Monday, September 29, 2008

Dammit KERN!!

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You've heard about it before, well it's back and you need to get this today. Don't wait, Don't miss it. This seminar is AMAZING and if you miss it, you could be missing out on MILLIONS.


Go there, read and then purchase it. That's really all you need to do today.


Do the Search Engines want to know me better?

Yes, the search engines want to know you better.

They want content, but they also still want keywords to be used that tie it all together. No more stuffing the ballot box on the website. 

Make it relevant, make those keywords match the content and niche' them so that you're playing to your target market. 

Oh! and forget about those misspellings in the keywords area. They don't help anymore. Search engines can figure out what you're trying to spell and will substitute the results with the right words.

We help you with optimizing for the search engines. Find out more at http://www.docmurdock.com

Saturday, September 27, 2008

BIGSEO SALE at www.docmurdock.com

Don't miss this. Right now at http://www.docmurdock.com we are selling our BIGSEO 1 year SEO package for 50% off the normal price. We're only holding 10 slots open for this, so get in now if you can. This sale ends today or as soon as all slots are filled. Right now there are 6 openings left!

Don't miss out. Use SEOHALF as the code in the shopping cart coupon section, make sure to click APPLY to get the discount!



Friday, September 26, 2008

More Internet Business Consulting...

So...what did you do today to work on your website? Did you submit it to the search engines? Did you write articles, post to your blog, write things on facebook, did you write an article or press release? If you did none of these today, you lost money. Your investment in the website that you own or the blog that you have posted into need to be taken care of and repeatedly tended to.


Because search engines will change constantly, and the way that people search for things is that the way people search changes as well. So you'll want to be aware of this.

Post something daily to your blog

Post an article 1 to 2 times per week

Post something on facebook often and make sure that you mention your url in there somewhere.

Check your google analytics account, see how people are finding you. What terms are they using to see your site. Modify your marketing or write articles based on their searches and you'll rank higher.

That's the tip for the day.

Thanks for dropping in and reading about some of the things we do for you at Internet Business Consulting - DocMurdock located at http://www.docmurdock.com

We'll see you on the web!

Michael Murdock, CEO

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


So have you ever tried to get your website listed on Google by yourself? Have you searched high and low for directions on how to do it but never could find directions. Or they were missing something, or someone wanted you to mortgage your home so they could help you once you paid them?

STOP THE INSANITY (Susan Powter we luv ya!)

NO-BS-SEO.COM is now live and it's where you will find the directions to do this right and do it that way the first time.

To do this process to get your site listed is really 10 Steps once you have the domain name and hosting in your possession.

I have created an eBook that is sent out on a per order basis after being coded for the user who places the order. In the eBook is the exact process that I used to get domains with a single webpage listed into Google's index in the past 2 weeks in less than 24 hours!

In fact after I did if the first time, the next time was faster and faster and in fact 1 took me 12 hours to get listed! I was in shock. I have been doing SEO for years and have not experienced this so I wrote all the steps down, tested them and found that this was valuable.

The price? Just $49.97 for the eBook. Now you will need to know some things about the web before venturing into this. You will need a domain name, you will need a hosting account and about 2 hours of keyboarding to set up some free accounts in certain places that are detailed in the eBook.

If you don't want to do this yourself, you can hire me to do the full service for you and that's just $497. If you're in the midst of doing it yourself and you get stuck or just decide you don't want to continue, then all you need to do is go back to the website, order the full service package, use a code at check out and you'll get $50.00 off the price of the full service package. Only people who buy the eBook get that break though. (Unless I am in a good mood...which right now I am!)

So, right now, open another window and get over to http://www.no-bs-seo.com and order up the full service package, use the coupon code: doit4me at checkout and you will get $50.00 off the price as a launch bonus for reading this BLOG!!

See you on the Web...in 24 hours or LESS!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

NO-BS-SEO - Be on Google in 24 Hours or Your Money Back

So what's the trick? There are several, but they're all legal and will not get you blacklisted which is what's important about this. Everything I do in this process and it's a process, it's not magically just registering a domain name and hoping it gets in, there are things that have to be done to make this happen for you. If they're not done...see you in 6 months time, or 3 months time and that product launch you needed the domain up and active for...fails because your domain was not findable. OUCH.

This is not ongoing SEO, it's a 24 hour period in which your domain name will get listed into Google so it can be found by searching for it as in www.yourdomainname.com typed into the search box (what is considered a domain listing). There will be other things that show up as well, but the primary focus for us is your actual domain name getting a listing within 24 hours. After that...SEO for your website is EASY and your SEO people or IT people have no excuses to not get it done for you fast!

Sign up today. The First 10 people who sign up and use our coupon code of 24google will get $1000 off the normal price of $2500. So you only pay $1500! And for those 10 we'll throw in 1 month of Search Engine Submissions as well.

See you on the web! (in 24 hours or less!)

Michael Murdock, CEO

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Okay friends, this is another test of getting a domain into google's index in 24 hours...or less. I want to make sure that I can reliably do this for you so that I can bring this awesome service to you.

I'm taking my Saturday, asked my wife to put everything on hold so that I could bring this new service tested and true to you for an amazing price.

Now why is this so important to do in 24 hours or less? Getting a domain listed on Google is key in your online business ventures. To get it up there and present for people to find is key in your turning your investment into something that will return that investment to you. ROI is a beautiful thing.

So...once you read this get over to www.no-bs-seo.com and see what we're offering to you and your business.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Here's the video...

Here's the YouTube Video of me talking about putting the domain on the web.

So go check out http://www.buy-franks-shit.com

We did it! Domain listed in LESS than 24 hours!

If you don't believe me, go to Google and type in the search box:

and you'll see it there. It was purchased on 9/11/2008 at around 6pm Pacific Time. By 7am this morning it appeared in the search listings.

How'd I do it? Well...that's going to be the subject of an article and some blog postings that are coming up.

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled and also if you're interested in advertising on that domain and you're cool...we're going to offer that opportunity in a bit. It's not going to be free, but it will be reasonable. I promise that.

After all, a site that's in google in less than 24 hours will be a highly traffic'd site very shortly.


Check it out at : www.buy-franks-shit.com

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Domains and Registrars

Am not sure if you've run into this, but I have over the past week with a provider who has a very interesting control panel built for their clients. It's limited in nature and the interesting part of it is that like a very LARGE domain registrar that everyone used to use before Godaddy, these guys took out that feature that easily allows you to move your domain from one registrar to another should you wish to do so.

It's called holding your domain captive and you should be aware of it. One of the things that I really love being a reseller for Godaddy through my site www.snagadomain.com which is a www.docmurdock.com company is that you as a client have the flexibility to decide when you want to move your domain or not.

If you want to move it you can, the only caveat is that you cannot purchase it and move it right away due to some restrictions on immediate moves, but...you can when the time comes move it and never have to call the support people and hear how they'd like to keep you as a client etc and that you should have to pay the higher prices they offer because of the services, etc...it's almost like listening to a broken record :) yes, I know I am dating myself here.

So wherever you're going to be registering your domain, make sure that they offer you flexibility when you're moving your domains away from the. Most will require you to make a phone call and engage with them. That means if you call when they are closed, you have to call them back and be at their mercy.

We offer you flexibility and can also offer you a speedy transfer once your other registrar releases your domain.

The infamous authorization code is where they hold you hostage. A series of codes is needed to move a domain:

1. transaction id
2. security code
3. authorization code

These are all designed to protect you, but you should have full access to number 3 and be able to request it on your own. With us you can, with the others you generally can't. They have to do it for you. This is a major inconvenience.

So it's something to be aware of and look out for.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Michael Murdock

Buy Franks Shit Dot Com

Yes, that's the name of the domain. http://www.buy-franks-shit.com which is a fun domain name for a number of reasons.

1. It was talked about in a funny session in the Mass Control DVDs that I got when I joined Frank's Monthly program.

2. It's an interesting SEO experiment as well to see how quickly I can get it listed in Google. (am listing everything that I do so that I can repeat this with another domain).

3. Will be fun to sell advertising space on it once it gets some traffic to it so just for grins I'll do that as well.

Okay, that's enough writing about it for now. Gotta get back to work on real things. Thank goodness I actually do type fast :)

Remember, go to www.buy-franks-shit.com and just visit or click the logo and go read his blog.



Saturday, September 06, 2008

Today...September 6th, 2008

Okay, so sitting here watching the Bourne Ultimatum. Once in a while there's a movie with a cool story and not a lot of special effects. The killing one can do without, but it's fun to watch something that engages you and makes you think. This movie does that, so if you can stand a little bit of violence...watch it.

Now, what have you been doing in technology this weekend? Do you still use a PC? Have you seen the Apple Macintosh 24" iMac computer yet? Did you know that is runs BOTH MacOSX and Windows XP or Windows Vista in the same computer? Yes it's true. I am very excited to be getting back to having simply 1 computer on my desk but inside of it there will be two operating systems running.

Sort of like having someone who speaks chinese and someone who speaks spanish in the same room, but when they speak, they understand each other. A novel idea, but the iMac makes that possible.

Now, why would I want something that does this you ask? Simple. Productivity. I use both Macintosh and Windows programs in my work with clients so I need both of them. Now, to be able to submit a website in one window and then open another and work on an audio or a video for another client and then be able to use dreamweaver or another program to build a website while all of this is going on...priceless.

Oh and it's not just the desktops that can do this, the laptops can as well. :) For under $2000!!

Am in the process of building new websites for some clients and keeping some others on top of google where they belong.

It's great being able to serve others and help them, but it's good to find people that are committed to their vision and willing to stick with it.

When you start out on a mission you want to be sure it's something you want to do and something you want to stick with. If you're doing this for you and your business, make sure that you're "into" doing your business. It's not good for your spirit or your soul to be into something and then all of a sudden abandon it because "you can't do it". If you can't do it alone, then get a team of people to help you achieve your goals. Always ask for help, and if you're not sure how to ask, then send me an email and say "Mike, I don't know how to ask for help, but I know we need some". When you do I will help you and connect you with the right team members and make your project happen.

So...what are you doing for your business today?

Monday, June 09, 2008

Are you available next week?

Are you tired of "roller coaster" income?

Are you working too hard trading your time for dollars?

Are you concerned your clients don't appreciate what you have to offer?

Are you in overwhelm? Too much information and don't understand technology?

...then please tune in with me to a FR*EE TELECLASS Thursday, June 19th at 5pm pst/8pm est.

"Change Your Life Forever: How To Transform Your Talents Into Products That Serve Others And Attract Customers With Ease"


Maria Simone has created a successful entrepreneurial career for herself and helping thousands in the process.

She's spilling the beans and promises to make this call full of value.

Please reserve your spot today because I'm told it is filling up fast.

If you can't make it, register anyway and you'll get the playback link.

Hope to hear you on the call!

All the best,

Michael Murdock

Friday, June 06, 2008

June 2008 Newsletter

Did someone say SUMMER?

Yes, it's summer time and down here in Scottsdale it's a HOT ONE.
This summer as it turns out more and more people are staying at home and
working. Due to the economy it seems that more and more of you are looking
for ways to create a home-based business to add some additional income
into the bank.

As you sit there reading through this. I know that you're thinking about
all the ways that you can turn your website into a money-making venture as
a result of some one-on-one coaching and some direct guidance to help you.
I was doing that some time ago as well when someone offered to help me
with my work. It was a breakthrough for me to let go of the reins a bit
and allow someone else to guide me along. The result is the business I
have today. One where I help others. It's very rewarding in that regard as
I get to do something that makes me happy.

That's really what my 10 Hour Consulting package is about. It's about you
and helping you achieve your goals on the web. I've found that these
things are generally not achieved alone and that when someone has someone
holding them accountable for things, they move much quicker.
So let me ask you a question, "What are you currently doing on the web,
what's working, and what's not working?"

If you're like most people who've purchased a website, or had one designed
for a friend, you might not have thought through the true purpose of the
site. If things are not working out for you, did you know that a review of
your site may in fact reveal things that look good, but could be turning
people away in droves? I did not know that and learned it quickly in one
evening. Even sometimes a simple color change can turn a visitor into a

I like being of service and I enjoy getting people in touch with the right
resources to make their lives on the web easier. To that end, I'd like to
share this next one with you. It's quite good:

Passion To Prosperity

It's a program created by my wife Maria Simone which is helping people
figure out how to turn their talents into something worthwhile for them
and the universe. Go to the website and look things over. While you're
there sign in for the free stuff. She's got some great emails that she'll
share with you and some free audio downloads as well I believe (don't
quote me on that as she changes things around there without telling me).
The content there is really good though.


Next up, do you submit articles on the web? What I mean is do you belong
to places like www.ideamarketers.com and www.ezinearticles.com to submit
articles to the masses? If you don't, you could be losing some business. I
say this because these sites will push your writings out to the rest of
the web and people will as a result of reading what you write, come to
your website to purchase. When you read about it, I wonder how quickly
you are going to buy this product.

One of the biggest pains when submitting articles is sending them out to
more than one site. You have to log into each site every single time and
then submit the article there. It's a pain. Well now you don't have to
worry about that. Do it once and then every time after that simply launch
the My Article Submitter and enter your article there, select the many
places you want to submit it and press a button. (Only available for the
Windows platform and yes it does work under Vista).
This is an awesome resource and one of those things that will save you a
ton of time when you work with it.

My Article Submitter


Now back to you and your business. I want to help you be successful on the
web. Recently some people that I work with asked me to put together a
package that would give them one thing they never have enough of; TIME
When working with other coaches and such, they never have enough time with
the person, they don't feel that they're listened to, and they don't feel
supported. They also don't feel as if they're getting the right
information presented to them in a fashion they can understand.

And...they wanted a deliverable that they could review after all was said
and done. So I sat down and put together a coaching/consulting/support
package which is comprised of the following great elements:

1. Business evaluation - I evaluate your business. If you're an offline
business I discuss with you the potential for taking your business online.
I discuss and explain all of the potential costs for moving to the online
arena. I prepare you for the success which will come quickly by following
some really simple guidelines. I do this portion of our engagement in a
series of short, easy to follow interactive tele-conferences which I will
be recording and then provide you an mp3 file that you can listen to on
your computer or put into your iPod or other mp3 player and listen to at
your leisure.

2. Website evaluation - We examine your website for items which are
missing from the design which would make it repel (move away) both clients
as well as internet search resources which should come to it and index or
catalog it. We document these in PDF form which you may share with your
web designer or graphics designer so that they can fix them for you.

3. Assignments - We provide you a series of assignments and hold you
accountable for their delivery within a time schedule that we work out
together. This coaching is all-inclusive covering internet business from

4. Website Marketing Plan - I will prepare for a you a serial number
protected Adobe PDF file for your internet business which you can refer
back to from time to time following our engagement with you, so that
you'll know whether or not you're on the right path to keeping business
flowing to you. If it falls into someone else's hands it will be useless
to them without your access number. That way information about your
website and marketing plan are yours and nobody else's.

5. Telephone & Email Access - During the time that we're working together
you'll have free email and telephone access to me a certain amount of time
each month. This time will be to discuss you and your business and to find
unique ways to help you be successful. Additionally there will be one-on-
one coaching to hold you very tightly accountable to your own success. You
don't want to fail in business. I don't want you to either.
I wonder how quickly you are going to buy this product when you learn how
easy it is to purchase. We've broken the payments up into chunks that you
can pay as you go. Just 4 payments of $875 gets you this amazing package.
Also, when you sign up right now, today, you'll get our 1 year SEO package
absolutely FREE.

10 Hour Business Consulting & Coaching package
Includes the following:
*Business Evaluation
*Website Evaluation
*Ongoing Assignments
*One-on-One Coaching
*Website Marketing Plan
*Telephone & Email Access to me
*More information on our SEO page

See it at http://www.docmurdock.com/

and read more about it as well as sign up today! Slots are filling quickly

To your success,

Michael Murdock