Wednesday, November 28, 2007

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

An Open Letter to Mark Hurd, CEO of HP

Hi Mark,

It's a time of year to be thankful and personally I am thankful for many things. It's always nice to see companies playing together to make the stream flow easier. Recently a company where I spent time during the .com BOOM forged a new relationship with an old rival. SUN was that company.

During my time at SUN I noticed the company played very well in a place known as the datacenter. Clients out there use both SUN AND HP as the workhorse servers/computer systems in their datacenters. Clients are always saying it would be great to run Solaris on everything. It's heard around the world. You may not hear it because others fear bringing it to you. I don't. Mark, IT people find it easier to support Solaris in the Datacenter than they do HP-UX. It's a fact. I have heard companies (major ones, some even provide plastic cards in your wallet), say that they love Solaris and wish everything that they owned ran it.

A lot of us out there in technology land have said for years that it would be really great to see SUN and HP or HP and SUN play together on the same hardware. HP providing really great hardware and SUN providing the great software in the form of SOLARIS. IT costs could be cut, downtime could be shortened, and managers would be much happier with the increased availability of their servers. Company revenues would increase, corporate spending would go up and both HP and SUN could benefit. Support staff are both really familiar with Solaris so the training of your staff to support the OS would not take long and it would really make things easier for all involved.

I have used everything from Mac OS to Windows to SunOS, to Solaris, HPUX, IRIX, AIX and other flavors of OS to run software on. Since I have been exposed to many different flavors of OS. Solaris has always been a favorite of mine. HP-UX was also great, but what really took me about HP software is your MONITORING products. You guys make the BEST tools for monitoring EVERYTHING.

I was part of the SRS project at SUN. Sun Remote Management to monitor computer systems. Eventually it was shelved. SUN needs to have some really solid tools for monitoring systems running Solaris. This partnership could be based on HP providing some great hardware, great montioring tools for not only the systems, but also the network, the datacenter, etc. SUN Solaris will act as the OS for these systems and clients who demand the most robust, secure systems to do their work will finally after all of these years have a solution to their problem.

I've only brought a couple of ideas to light here, but this could be the start of a great conversation Mark. Are you up to allowing your clients and many others across the globe to say this year "Thank Goodness for HP and SUN!"

I sure hope so. I would be honored to facilitate a discussion between yourself and Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of SUN Microsystems at your earliest convenience to discuss how HP and SUN could partner in a way similar to Dell and SUN. That is if HP would be open to it. SUN already is open to it and has expressed an interest in opening a dialogue with you. Let me know how you'd like this to proceed.

Best regards, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Michael Murdock, CEO
DocMurdock - Internet Business Consulting

Friday, November 02, 2007

Custom Furniture in Metal, Wood and Glass designed by Michael Sean

Michael says "For me, inspiration can be found in the simplest places. Shape, form and attention to detail have always consumed my life in painting, marble sculpture, architecture and now fine furniture. Conceptually, furniture like architecture, is about evoking feeling and emotion in the space we live and work daily."

He's part of the San Francisco Bay Area business community and has numerous people who seek his work from all over the world.

When was the last time you purchased a great looking piece of furniture that really spoke to who you are? Probably never. Well now you can and be proud of it. Michael Sean has been putting his pen to paper and designing some of the hottest custom furniture for everyone.

Michael is an accomplished fine artist and a master in shape, form and balance. His designs are simplistic, emphasizing sculptural quality and fineness of materials. As an independent artisan, he offers an unsurpassed degree of flexibility and attention to detail.

Michael works in Metal, Wood, & Glass when he creates his designs for your fine custom furniture.

Quite amazing and really should be seen to be fully appreciated.

See them at and take in the subtle beauty, elegance, and flow of these amazing designs.

Once you have looked over his work, give him a call and set up an appointment to have your own custom piece designed. It's an experience to be enjoyed and cherished.

Michael Sean - Perfection in Metal, Glass & Wood
Phone: 1-888-358-3105