Sunday, October 21, 2007

1 Hour On The Phone With Technology Legend Michael Murdock

Have you ever wanted to just take a technology person aside and ask them a
question, but you never had the chance? Or did you have the chance and not take
it? you have a chance. A full hour on the phone with someone who's been
in technology for 32 years. You can ask any technology question you want to and
get your answer.

Now's your chance. Michael Murdock, former Macintosh Systems Engineer for PIXAR
from 1991 - 1997 will in the next 2 weeks avail himself for 1 hour on the phone to
answer questions you may have about doing business on the web.

This is not a stump-the-jock kind of teleclass, but rather one that I hope will
allow for others to benefit from your questions. Of course I am sure there will be
those stump kind of questions and I'll field those off the cuff as best as I can
during the hour, but the real focus is you and those tech questions that you need
answers to, to do business on the net.

In order to give you value for your time, I have prepared in an autoresponder
message that you'll be receiving when you sign up 4 of the top things that people
are asking me about. That will give you some idea of some questions that you may
need answered.

Other than this, it's a free hour of my time for you to answer your questions
about technology, the internet, computer systems, etc. It's your hour as my gift
to you.

Please go to: to sign up today.

The date, time, and call in number will be announced later in email. This is by
invitation only, anyone on the call must be signed up, and please use your correct
contact information for this so that no emails bounce or get caught up in spam

Following the call there will be an email with a link to the call playback (this
will be recorded) so that you can download it and listen to it on your ipod or
computer, and refer to it when you need to.

Thanks in advance for your participation and passing along of this email to anyone
you think might want to listen in and participate when this happens. I am looking
do this in the next 2 weeks, perhaps sooner depending on responses to it.

Best regards,

Michael Murdock, CEO

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mac OSX Leopard...Announced

And what you need to do is go and order your copy right now! Click below:

Apple Online Store

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Monday, October 08, 2007

Make Internet Marketing Easy, (The Ultimate System)

This is important - please take note straight

I've been allowed to introduce you to a really
easy way for you to build a list of buyers in any
niche, and get earning from them straight away.

This new system is so powerful that some are
already calling it the "Internet Marketing Product
of the Year", while others just think of it as
"must have" software for any Internet Marketer.

What it does, is it automates your front-end. All
the fiddly bits like creating a squeeze page,
figuring out where to put it, how to advertise it,
and how to link it to your autoresponder are taken
care of. Also, it makes it a snip for you to
promote any product you want on the back end, be
it your own, for 100% of profits, or someone elses
for an affiliate payment.

Not only that, but everyone you get to signup is
also incentivised to build their own list, and
make money from their own back end in the same way
you just did. So you can quickly build an upward
spiral of users and buyers paying you money, and
building your list day after day, week after week.

Exciting huh? :)

Its aptly named MyViralSpiral, and its been
released by Tim Brocklehurst, a former magazine
publisher, turned software developer, turned
Internet Marketer. With this system, he has
simplified all the most complex and time-consuming
areas of running a business online, and made it a
snip for anyone to get on and do it straight away.

If you want a really simple approach, something
that will work behind the scenes to build and grow
your business (whatever it is) on total autopilot
- day after day, week after week, month after
month, then you can do no better than this.

To you total success

Michael Murdock

PS: You'll be shocked when you see how little you
can pick this system up for, but be quick, the
price is increasing imminently.

PPS: The current record for building a list from
scratch with this system is 1,200 in 5 days. See
if you can beat that!

Friday, October 05, 2007

4 Easy Steps to Online Profits? Really? YES!!!

What would you think if I told you there were 4 Steps to
success online? Yes, it's true 4 Steps! When you take these
and do them in the right order, there's no way you can fail

The steps are...

1. Creation

2. Income Source

3. Promotion

4. Profit

There's more about these in a great eBook that you can pick up right now at the this link for only $7

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What can you do with those 4 steps? Read and find out. You'll be surprised how quickly you can put together an ongoing stream of internet income which can be flowing in your life in less than 24 hours. It's true. I have done this over and over again by following these simple steps. Anyone can do this so don't wait!

To your success,