Is your copy killing your sales?

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This course will help you make a LOT of money.

She's number 1 in this area of expertise.

We know each other so I feel like I can be frank with you.
You know you could make more sales if your copy was
stronger. But you just can't seem to make yourself sit down
to do it, right? I know. It's a pretty common (and COSTLY)

Maybe you don't know where to start. Maybe you are a little
insecure about your writing ability. Maybe you hate
writing. Whatever the reason, you and I both know
copywriting is critical to your marketing success. There is
just no better way to clearly explain your value to a
willing prospect than with copy.

Let me ask you a question... what would it be like to take
a magic pill one day, and wake up a few days later with
your sales letter completely written and bringing in money
hand over fist?!

Well it's not truly a magic pill but it seems like it when
you invest in Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero's *Speed Copywriting
Workshop* course.

Never before has there been such a comprehensive,
step-by-step guide to getting your copy out of your head,
on to paper, and molded into the perfect model to reach

And for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a
copywriter. PLUS you get a blueprint for writing any type
of copy super FAST. You'll use this formula over and over
again, I promise.
It's time to get your sales copy out of your head and down
on paper in record time. No more pushing it to the back
burner. And best of all, no more losing money at an
alarming rate.
Let me see if I can help answer some questions you might

*Who is this training designed for?*
The *Speed Copywriting Workshop* course is for any type of
entrepreneur. If you are in a business and have creative
control over your marketing this course is for YOU. So far
people who have used this course span a broad range...

=> Graphic facilitator
=> Business storyteller
=> Attorney
=> Sales people
=> Marketing experts
=> Copywriters
=> Horse business owner
=> Life coach
=> Photographer
=> Spa owner
=> Speakers
=> Nutritional products distributor
=> Skin repair products distributor
=> Seminar promoter
=> Fighter pilot
=> Manufacturer
=> Fitness coach
=> Business coach
=> Spa owner
=> Real estate mogul
=> Massage therapist
=> Internet marketers

*I'm just going to hire a copywriter.*

A lot of people choose this route and it's a very valid
solution. But if I may play Devil's Advocate for a

You SHOULD hire a copywriter IF:
=> You have an extra $5,000-$15,000 lying around plus
royalties. Copywriting is the MOST EXPENSIVE skill to
=> This is the last sales letter you ever plan to write.
You won't need to replicate this skill if you never plan to
do it again;
=> You never plan to make future changes to your business.

You'll need to shell out more cash whenever you need an
Otherwise this course is a cheap investment in a lifelong
skill you will always need. Whether you write copy
yourself, pass it off to a member of your staff, or hire a
copywriter, at the end of the day YOU as the business owner
are the person responsible for the copy doing its job.

*What are the down and dirty details?*

You will not only get Lorrie's personalized system for
writing winning copy FAST, plus these special bonuses:
=> Step-by-step, replicatable blueprint for any kind of
=> All the tools you need to turn out your own professional
grade version of your first draft of sales copy
=> Laminated checklists
=> Deep target market questionnaire
=> Swipe files from top copywriters
=> Bonus DVDs
=> John Carlton's full day Hot Seat seminar (4 DVDs) - you
can't get these anywhere else!
=> Your own RED HOT CHICKEN (while supplies last)

*Is there a guarantee?*

Absolutely. When you purchase Lorrie's products, she
insists you leave a happy camper. You get a full 365 days
to play with and evaluate this course. If you're not 100%
satisfied, no big deal. Simply ship it back and you'll get
your investment returned (less shipping). You'll part

*Isn't this just like Lorrie's teleseminar Red Hot
Copywriting Bootcamp?*

Not really though the goals are similar. Both are about
getting good at writing copy, but the *Speed Copywriting
Workshop* course goes so much deeper. You get...

=> never before revealed tricks Lorrie has picked up in the
past few months from other top copywriters like Dan
Kennedy, Yanik Silver, John Carlton and Gary Halbert at
THEIR live events - ways to write WAY faster and pull more
money out of your copy (these have not been taught in the
=> to look over Lorrie's shoulder on the DVDs and watch how
she whips lame copy into amazing shape. It's as if you were
in the same room, learning at her feet. Very powerful
=> cutting-edge, replicatable copywriting techniques so
you get results MUCH faster (no one else has put together a
formula quite as easy to follow as Lorrie);
=> the underground knowledge of how to use specific words
to trigger a reliable chain reaction in your prospects (few
people know how to overlay this translate neurolinguistic
programming tricks into copy);
=> coaching in how to write follow up copy to support the
rest of the sales cycle (not just the sales letter, but
Lorrie also explains how to integrate other types of copy
to drive traffic to your website and keep your customers in
your funnel);
=> pull stories out of your head and onto paper to keep
your readers intrigued and glued to your copy (storytelling
is a surefire way to lower sales resistance and get into
your prospect's head);
=> and so much more!

*What is all the buzz I hear about the Red Hot Chicken?*

The Red Hot Chicken is actually a timer and is becoming
somewhat of a superstar. Copywriting legend Gene Schwartz
used to break up his writing in chunks of 33 minutes using
a timer. It's one of the secrets to writing quickly with
laser-focus. So Lorrie created a promotion with a goofy
(though effective) story around it.

Basically the story goes like this...a new breed was
discovered off of Hawaii (between Niihau and Kauai off the
Na Pali Coast) on a teeny tiny place called Quitsquawki'n
Island. They were named *chickenus timerus* or Red Hot
Chickens. They are an orderly, disciplined breed that
thrive best in the homes of successful entrepreneurs. And
Red Hot Copy was entrusted with finding suitable homes for
the Red Hot Chickens.

The promo is proof-positive that interesting copy and good
storytelling cuts through the clutter. She got requests for
the Chicken from as far away as Singapore, South Africa and
Belgium. One subscriber (who asked to remain anonymous
actually did a search on Google to find the island

Only those who own the *Speed Copywriting Workshop* are all
eligible to adopt a Chicken since they are entrepreneurs
proven to invest in themselves and their success. There is
no other way to get your claws on one of these Red Hot
Chicken timers. So don't let your copy go to the birds!
Sign up now!

Let me close with this...just figure out a way to make it
happen. There is no skill in your business that practically
writes checks for you!


Michael Murdock

P.S. Don't wait to reserve your copy of the *Speed
Copywriting Workshop* course!

"In the course of a lifetime - if you're lucky - you run
into a few great teachers and mentors. Lorrie
Morgan-Ferrero hits the mark in the copywriting arena.
Whether you're a novice or seasoned pro, the information
and guidance that Lorrie shares on copywriting and
marketing is not just invaluable, but extraordinarily
Phyllis Schwartz, Copywriter

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