Build YOUR List with Giveaways

Build YOUR List with Giveaways

Have you wondered about one of the easiest ways to build a list
of loyal subscribers? Besides providing valuable material to them in an ongoing, non-intrusive fashion...

Let me provide you a couple of examples:

1. Myself: I've built a list purely from collecting business cards and sending out opt-in mailers. It was productive, but gosh what a ton of work, I wish someone would have shown me a better way.

2. My Wife: - She's amazing at networking and getting people excited. She just passes out her cards and then people come and join. Sort of like the Pied Piper, only female, and the end result is she has a ton of subscribers...and a sore wrist from flicking out cards, hurting feet from the networking event...once again a TON of work.

3. Derrick Van Dyke: Derrick picked up 1,012 new leads in 13 days in the "15 days of summer" giveaway just last month. He describes that in THIS report! He's someone who I find to be credible, he shows you the easy way of doing things and he's highly intelligent. He likes things simple and allows you to move quickly to success. We were speaking yesterday about this offering and I was just excited to know I was going to be a part of it. Read on:

Also, if you want to re-sell this report, man do I have news for you..

Derrick Van Dyke and I have worked the resale on this and he test marketed it yesterday. If you buy giveaway secrets for the following LOW price levels, look what happens:

AFFILIATES: For only $7 you can get:

100% Profit sent straight to your PayPal account, if you resell this with the supplied link that you make. 100%!! into your account, right away. NO middleman!

(Pick the $7 option)


Build a profitable customer list in addition to the above with our built-in affiliate program... easier than pie

(Pick the $17 option)


Brand Your Report with YOUR links in addition to the above

(Pick the $27 option)

Here's the very interesting and potentially *very* profitable *secrets* that you've never seen before...with options
2 and 3:

This system includes a built-in affiliate program. So you can get other people to promote your site and the money goes straight into their PayPal account.

And unlike the typical $7 scripts that many people use to build a customer list, this new technology is...

=> 100% compliant with PayPal's terms of service!

Get it! Brand it! Build a customer list and profit!

And it gets even better because...

You don't even have to edit ANY HTML files!

Just edit ONE little configuration file in WORDPAD or any other TEXT editor, upload the files and you're done.

It's NEVER been this simple to build a customer list and profit from other people's efforts.

Here's the download link:

To YOUR success,


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