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The Quick Profits Guide To Co-Registration Leads...

The Quick Profits Guide To Co-Registration Leads...



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Marketing Tactics To Make A Ton Of Money With Online


Have you ever considered using e-mail marketing to generate

maximum sales from your online business? But... do you also

share the very common belief with thousands of others, that

e-mail marketing is too difficult, too risky, and too



Or worse yet, have you already tried e-mail marketing and it

turned out to be nothing but a huge, very costly failure? Even

if you…

Re: Review of Affiliate Cash Secrets

From the computer desk of Michael Murdock
Re: Review of Affiliate Cash Secrets

When I first heard about Affiliate Cash Secrets, I actually laughed at the title.

“Oh no”, I thought, “another how-to-make-money program aimed at unsuspected newbies...I bet it’s going to be another fluff-filled report without any real, actionable information.”

I became even more suspicious when I read the product's sales letter. It makes some pretty big claims, and I really didn't expect the product to deliver on any of them…


I'm ready to admit that my initial negative perceptions were misplaced. Yes, I bought the product. I downloaded it, opened it up, started reading...and was absolutely blown away!

I've never seen anything that goes into so much step-by-step, do this then do that, detail.

And the thing is, the report can help not just newbies, but intermediate level marketers as well. It’s very rare that I can recommend a product as being a good buy for the majority of peo…

Build YOUR List with Giveaways

Build YOUR List with Giveaways

Have you wondered about one of the easiest ways to build a list
of loyal subscribers? Besides providing valuable material to them in an ongoing, non-intrusive fashion...

Let me provide you a couple of examples:

1. Myself: I've built a list purely from collecting business cards and sending out opt-in mailers. It was productive, but gosh what a ton of work, I wish someone would have shown me a better way.

2. My Wife: - She's amazing at networking and getting people excited. She just passes out her cards and then people come and join. Sort of like the Pied Piper, only female, and the end result is she has a ton of subscribers...and a sore wrist from flicking out cards, hurting feet from the networking event...once again a TON of work.

3. Derrick Van Dyke: Derrick picked up 1,012 new leads in 13 days in the "15 days of summer" giveaway just last month. He describes that in THIS report! He's someone who I find to be credible, he shows you the …

Fine Custom Furniture - Michael Sean

When was the last time you purchased a great looking piece of furniture that really spoke to who you are?Probably never. Well now you can and be proud of it. Michael Sean has been putting his pen to paper and designing some of the hottest custom furniture for everyone.

He's part of the San Francisco Bay Area business community and has numerous people who seek his work from all over the world.

Michael says "For me, inspiration can be found in the simplest places. Shape, form and attention to detail have always consumed my life in painting, marble sculpture, architecture and now fine furniture.

Conceptually, furniture like architecture, is about evoking feeling and emotion in the space we live and work daily."

Michael is an accomplished fine artist and a master in shape, form and balance. His designs are simplistic, emphasizing sculptural quality and fineness of materials. As an independent artisan, he offers an unsurpassed degree of flexibility and attention to detail.


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DocMurdock - September 2007 Newsletter

It's September,

Time for another edition of our newsletter. As we move more towards being an information resource for clients we wanted to catch you up on the goings on out on the net. What's new, what's exciting, and what you may want to be doing to get your website out there in front of many people.

Page Design -

I have been speaking with clients about web page design since the web was first launched. It's always been about what makes a visitor feel not only comfortable when they visit your site, but also what gets them in the mood to purchase.

It's good to consult with some trend experts when trying to decide what colors are good for your website, where potential triggers should be laid out to entice people to look and stay. Maybe you want to insert a Poll to ask questions about what people want to see on your site, or maybe you just want to ask an opinion about a particular matter in the news. Something to engage the visitors is a beautiful thing.

Another item to co…


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SEO Giveaway

I've got some pretty exciting news for you today.

Although they might not know it yet, what's opening today
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What am I talking about?

It's a new project that I've become involved in that
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In reality, the impact of it could be amazing.

You see, Leon Klepfish has managed to talk some of the
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That's the rule. Take it or leave it.