It's all in the LIST

Have you heard the expression that 'it's all in the wrist'? That's generally used in tennis or other sports. In marketing and promoting products, it's all in the LIST.

Who do you know, what do they need, what are you selling, do they want to buy it, do they want to hear what you're selling, do they find your information valuable? Those commas would normally be question marks, but know that this is a conversation that goes on in the minds of everyone who is wanting to sell a product to anybody.

They have to ask questions like this to form the sales message that will eventually provide you an impetus to come and purchase their product or service. How do you craft that message?

That's one of the things that we're going to cover in our upcoming MoreProfitPeriod newsletter that's coming from our other site called You did sign up for that right? if not, better get over to the site, download our free ebook and sign up for the mailing list.

You'll not want to miss that information as it's about teaching you how to do the things that I do on your own. Many have asked to be taught how to do marketing the right way, how to prep their website for search engines, how to get people to purchase. All of that will be covered in depth.

So once you have the list, how do you craft those emails? It really depends on the people you're emailing. You want to provide information that is valuable to them and answers some important questions that they may have and need answered to execute their business, or plan, or whatever it is that they are working on at the moment.

How do you know what to say? You ask. You ask your readers in a poll or through an email such as this, what they want to know. What is the burning question that they need the response to, to get that thing done that they are working on? What is it that they have to know? So...what is it that you have to know? Email me that and we'll make sure to get it responded to. We're going to use your first and last initial only in our email where we'll ask the question and then we'll provide a response to it. We may even base an entire email on just your question and the answer to it. We hope you'll find that valuable.

I almost forgot the reason I was writing this and that is THE LIST!!

Well tonight I purchased a product that someone has been telling me about and when I did one of the things they mentioned in that product was/is a LIST BUILDER. I signed up for it and already have 100 prospects in my list. That's just as a part of the signup. They have bonuses where they will add to that along the way. But those 100 people know many people and so on the list will build. Imagine my surprise if I wake up sometime, log in and find I have 30,000, 40,000 or even 50,000 people I can email out to. Well it can happen and now you have access to that too. It's free to join and if you wish to upgrade you can.

Here's the link for it:

I'd be honored if you'd sign up under me there. It will benefit both of us.

Here's the main product I was looking at:

I've been told by some people that this product really works and they really do help you make the money because if you don't, they give you your money back. The $47.00 investment was not much to invest in something that has a money-back guarantee.

So once you get going, you can build that list of prospects, add in people you meet and mail them viable information and become the expert in your field that you know you are. Get the word out there and the next thing you know your ebook is #1 on some big list and there's an email from Oprah asking you to come and tell your story. It does happen. We've seen it.

I wish you the best in your success and if there's anything I can do to help speed you along the way, just email me and ask.


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