What does it take to run YAHOO (YHOO)?

I guess at this point in time that's an interesting question for Terry Semel the current CEO who is looking at some shareholder disgust over his company's performance since 2001. The downslide from 477.00 a share to the 20's is pretty rocky. Sort of like Gil Amelio before he was ousted after receiving a Christmas card from a PIXAR employee which simply said "450,000.00 is not too much to pay for a Happy Apple Family" and then acting on it by purchasing NeXT from Steve Jobs...and the rest is pretty much history.

Terry, perhaps it's time for you to pass the torch along. Take your 77 million in stocks and bonuses and leave. (Save some though for the investigations that will come once someone is made new CEO). But for now take them and keep them to yourself.

Yahoo the company... you gotta get with the program. You need some fresh meat in the bullpen running things. You need to be more innovative, more focused, and more open to new ideas and new possibilities. What can a search engine, a portal site such as Yahoo be to the computer world? And then implement it.

It's funny, I was sharing with a friend this morning an idea that I had more than 4 years ago for something that related to automobiles which has only been partially implemented by Lexus (love to chat with their engineers for a bit and the rest would be soon). Some of those very things which I discussed with him could have been put into Yahoo more than 4 years ago and helped your company rise above Google and even put you in a place where a take over would have been possible, if that was the direction you ultimately wanted to go.

But hindsight is 20/20 and looking to the moment is better than the past or even the future. What is there lacking today at this point in time from Goole or Yahoo or MSN that should be available to every computer user out there in the blink of an eye?

And why doesn't Yahoo have that item on its portal page? Why is it falling behind some other providers of information and using layouts that don't really compliment things in a way that users want them today?

Why is it not going after advertising in a way similar to Google and allowing users to make money vs. short circuiting their profit streams and sending them running from Yahoo Search Marketing like rats fleeing a sinking ship? These are some things you need to ask yourself.

It does not appear that you're able to run the ship as you thought you could. Perhaps it's time for new blood at the helm. Time to take the Black Pearl that is Yahoo out of the harbor past the jetty and into the oceans of profitability once more.

As I mentioned to another blogger, I'd be happy to toss my hat into the CEO ring for this position, but there'd need to be some changes and the board...they'd have to leave as well. We'd redo things at the management level from the top down, tighten the belts up and prepare for the coming storm which we'd weather and sail into smooth seas with a stock price of $200.00 a share by the end of 2008 or sooner if I had my way.

What does it take to run YAHOO? A great imagination, a taste for the absurd and the guts to jump out and do it.

Am more than ready to take that on. Is Yahoo ready for some real change? Only their board will decide that and if they offer, I am listening.

Michael Murdock, CEO

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