Tracking Visitors to your site...

What methods are you as a site owner using to track visitors to your site? I can think of two that I recommend that everyone look into:



The 1st one is a charged service, but amazing in the support aspects and the data collected. The 2nd one is Free, but it does take time and knowledge to set up, configure, monitor, etc. So the cost is determined in what is your billable time worth if you're doing things yourself.

If you're like me, you'll try both and see which one best fits your needs. I have several clients using the 1st option and they love it because when they have a problem, the support is readily available. The thing about free tools from Google (and I do love Google) is that the support is not always readily available and therefore this can cost you more in your time than it's really worth to set up.

Now the data...both give you a ton of things to mull through to determine whether or not you're getting the right people to your site, how long they are staying around, where they came from, what they were searching for, what door they came in...what door they exited through, whether they were new or repeat, what size their monitors are, what browser they use and almost what did they purchase for dinner. (last one...not quite, maybe next year).

Give them both a lookie-loo and see which one fits your needs. Ask me questions if you desire and I'll give you some brief answers to help you decide which one will work for you.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Michael Murdock, CEO - Home of 100% Money-Back Guaranteed SEO

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