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ADTECH in San Francisco

If I were still living in the San Francisco Bay Area I would be at ADTECH. This place is hopping with people, business and a number of booths that you just have to visit to learn about what's going on in marketing in the industry today. If you're there...I am jealous. :-) Well not really. See my wife and I moved to the Valley of the Sun and now reside in gorgeous Scottsdale, Arizona where the temp right now is a nice 80 degrees, sunny, and the pool in our backyard is just waiting for a visit from yours truly.

What are you doing in your life to create what you want? Have you seen The Secret? Are you living that which is true to your vibration in this time and space? If're not doing a service to you and that's who really needs it. Take care of you. While in SF enjoy the sights, take in a show, and spoil you.

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Fast Pitch Networking

Have you seen this networking site yet?

It's called Fast Pitch Networking. If you've used RYZE or any other service you have to try this one. LinkedIN is great as well, but Fast Pitch allows you to quickly connect with others who may need your services or to connect with you for other resources. Very fast, very clean, and very well priced.

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