Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Holiday draws near...

And in the heavens there was a light shining bright and it was so powerful it lit all the land and people from miles around came to see where it was pointing as it bathed light onto the Son of Man...

Each of us in our own way believes in a higher presence, an almighty being. There are some that believe that all of this is the design of some higher intelligence...myself I believe in God and never fault anyone for their beliefs.

What is truth is that we are all here living on this orbiting satellite in the midst of a vastness known as space and that we're all connected and there is no separation, no matter how hard people wish there was.

May the God of your choice bless you and your family. May you find that which you seek in life, may you find it easily, and may your heart be filled with love and respect of you.

For those who celebrate Christmas...Merry Christmas. For others please accept a greeting of peace, love and respect from me and my family.

Bless you all.

Michael Murdock, CEO

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

1 Hour Free Technology Teleclass

Sign up today and get your questions about technology answered:

1 Hour Free Technology Advice, direction, answers to those questions which have been bugging you for so long you can have responded to.

Don't wait, this is filling up fast!

Hope to hear you on the call.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

An Open Letter to Mark Hurd, CEO of HP

Hi Mark,

It's a time of year to be thankful and personally I am thankful for many things. It's always nice to see companies playing together to make the stream flow easier. Recently a company where I spent time during the .com BOOM forged a new relationship with an old rival. SUN was that company.

During my time at SUN I noticed the company played very well in a place known as the datacenter. Clients out there use both SUN AND HP as the workhorse servers/computer systems in their datacenters. Clients are always saying it would be great to run Solaris on everything. It's heard around the world. You may not hear it because others fear bringing it to you. I don't. Mark, IT people find it easier to support Solaris in the Datacenter than they do HP-UX. It's a fact. I have heard companies (major ones, some even provide plastic cards in your wallet), say that they love Solaris and wish everything that they owned ran it.

A lot of us out there in technology land have said for years that it would be really great to see SUN and HP or HP and SUN play together on the same hardware. HP providing really great hardware and SUN providing the great software in the form of SOLARIS. IT costs could be cut, downtime could be shortened, and managers would be much happier with the increased availability of their servers. Company revenues would increase, corporate spending would go up and both HP and SUN could benefit. Support staff are both really familiar with Solaris so the training of your staff to support the OS would not take long and it would really make things easier for all involved.

I have used everything from Mac OS to Windows to SunOS, to Solaris, HPUX, IRIX, AIX and other flavors of OS to run software on. Since I have been exposed to many different flavors of OS. Solaris has always been a favorite of mine. HP-UX was also great, but what really took me about HP software is your MONITORING products. You guys make the BEST tools for monitoring EVERYTHING.

I was part of the SRS project at SUN. Sun Remote Management to monitor computer systems. Eventually it was shelved. SUN needs to have some really solid tools for monitoring systems running Solaris. This partnership could be based on HP providing some great hardware, great montioring tools for not only the systems, but also the network, the datacenter, etc. SUN Solaris will act as the OS for these systems and clients who demand the most robust, secure systems to do their work will finally after all of these years have a solution to their problem.

I've only brought a couple of ideas to light here, but this could be the start of a great conversation Mark. Are you up to allowing your clients and many others across the globe to say this year "Thank Goodness for HP and SUN!"

I sure hope so. I would be honored to facilitate a discussion between yourself and Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of SUN Microsystems at your earliest convenience to discuss how HP and SUN could partner in a way similar to Dell and SUN. That is if HP would be open to it. SUN already is open to it and has expressed an interest in opening a dialogue with you. Let me know how you'd like this to proceed.

Best regards, and Happy Thanksgiving.

Michael Murdock, CEO
DocMurdock - Internet Business Consulting

Friday, November 02, 2007

Custom Furniture in Metal, Wood and Glass designed by Michael Sean

Michael says "For me, inspiration can be found in the simplest places. Shape, form and attention to detail have always consumed my life in painting, marble sculpture, architecture and now fine furniture. Conceptually, furniture like architecture, is about evoking feeling and emotion in the space we live and work daily."

He's part of the San Francisco Bay Area business community and has numerous people who seek his work from all over the world.

When was the last time you purchased a great looking piece of furniture that really spoke to who you are? Probably never. Well now you can and be proud of it. Michael Sean has been putting his pen to paper and designing some of the hottest custom furniture for everyone.

Michael is an accomplished fine artist and a master in shape, form and balance. His designs are simplistic, emphasizing sculptural quality and fineness of materials. As an independent artisan, he offers an unsurpassed degree of flexibility and attention to detail.

Michael works in Metal, Wood, & Glass when he creates his designs for your fine custom furniture.

Quite amazing and really should be seen to be fully appreciated.

See them at and take in the subtle beauty, elegance, and flow of these amazing designs.

Once you have looked over his work, give him a call and set up an appointment to have your own custom piece designed. It's an experience to be enjoyed and cherished.

Michael Sean - Perfection in Metal, Glass & Wood
Phone: 1-888-358-3105

Sunday, October 21, 2007

1 Hour On The Phone With Technology Legend Michael Murdock

Have you ever wanted to just take a technology person aside and ask them a
question, but you never had the chance? Or did you have the chance and not take
it? you have a chance. A full hour on the phone with someone who's been
in technology for 32 years. You can ask any technology question you want to and
get your answer.

Now's your chance. Michael Murdock, former Macintosh Systems Engineer for PIXAR
from 1991 - 1997 will in the next 2 weeks avail himself for 1 hour on the phone to
answer questions you may have about doing business on the web.

This is not a stump-the-jock kind of teleclass, but rather one that I hope will
allow for others to benefit from your questions. Of course I am sure there will be
those stump kind of questions and I'll field those off the cuff as best as I can
during the hour, but the real focus is you and those tech questions that you need
answers to, to do business on the net.

In order to give you value for your time, I have prepared in an autoresponder
message that you'll be receiving when you sign up 4 of the top things that people
are asking me about. That will give you some idea of some questions that you may
need answered.

Other than this, it's a free hour of my time for you to answer your questions
about technology, the internet, computer systems, etc. It's your hour as my gift
to you.

Please go to: to sign up today.

The date, time, and call in number will be announced later in email. This is by
invitation only, anyone on the call must be signed up, and please use your correct
contact information for this so that no emails bounce or get caught up in spam

Following the call there will be an email with a link to the call playback (this
will be recorded) so that you can download it and listen to it on your ipod or
computer, and refer to it when you need to.

Thanks in advance for your participation and passing along of this email to anyone
you think might want to listen in and participate when this happens. I am looking
do this in the next 2 weeks, perhaps sooner depending on responses to it.

Best regards,

Michael Murdock, CEO

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Monday, October 08, 2007

Make Internet Marketing Easy, (The Ultimate System)

This is important - please take note straight

I've been allowed to introduce you to a really
easy way for you to build a list of buyers in any
niche, and get earning from them straight away.

This new system is so powerful that some are
already calling it the "Internet Marketing Product
of the Year", while others just think of it as
"must have" software for any Internet Marketer.

What it does, is it automates your front-end. All
the fiddly bits like creating a squeeze page,
figuring out where to put it, how to advertise it,
and how to link it to your autoresponder are taken
care of. Also, it makes it a snip for you to
promote any product you want on the back end, be
it your own, for 100% of profits, or someone elses
for an affiliate payment.

Not only that, but everyone you get to signup is
also incentivised to build their own list, and
make money from their own back end in the same way
you just did. So you can quickly build an upward
spiral of users and buyers paying you money, and
building your list day after day, week after week.

Exciting huh? :)

Its aptly named MyViralSpiral, and its been
released by Tim Brocklehurst, a former magazine
publisher, turned software developer, turned
Internet Marketer. With this system, he has
simplified all the most complex and time-consuming
areas of running a business online, and made it a
snip for anyone to get on and do it straight away.

If you want a really simple approach, something
that will work behind the scenes to build and grow
your business (whatever it is) on total autopilot
- day after day, week after week, month after
month, then you can do no better than this.

To you total success

Michael Murdock

PS: You'll be shocked when you see how little you
can pick this system up for, but be quick, the
price is increasing imminently.

PPS: The current record for building a list from
scratch with this system is 1,200 in 5 days. See
if you can beat that!

Friday, October 05, 2007

4 Easy Steps to Online Profits? Really? YES!!!

What would you think if I told you there were 4 Steps to
success online? Yes, it's true 4 Steps! When you take these
and do them in the right order, there's no way you can fail

The steps are...

1. Creation

2. Income Source

3. Promotion

4. Profit

There's more about these in a great eBook that you can pick up right now at the this link for only $7

I am also including Master Resale Rights to this, so don't miss your chance! The price will climb to $17 after 100 orders so don't wait!!

What can you do with those 4 steps? Read and find out. You'll be surprised how quickly you can put together an ongoing stream of internet income which can be flowing in your life in less than 24 hours. It's true. I have done this over and over again by following these simple steps. Anyone can do this so don't wait!

To your success,


Saturday, September 29, 2007

Is your copy killing your sales?

If so, then read below and sign up today!

This course will help you make a LOT of money.

She's number 1 in this area of expertise.

We know each other so I feel like I can be frank with you.
You know you could make more sales if your copy was
stronger. But you just can't seem to make yourself sit down
to do it, right? I know. It's a pretty common (and COSTLY)

Maybe you don't know where to start. Maybe you are a little
insecure about your writing ability. Maybe you hate
writing. Whatever the reason, you and I both know
copywriting is critical to your marketing success. There is
just no better way to clearly explain your value to a
willing prospect than with copy.

Let me ask you a question... what would it be like to take
a magic pill one day, and wake up a few days later with
your sales letter completely written and bringing in money
hand over fist?!

Well it's not truly a magic pill but it seems like it when
you invest in Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero's *Speed Copywriting
Workshop* course.

Never before has there been such a comprehensive,
step-by-step guide to getting your copy out of your head,
on to paper, and molded into the perfect model to reach

And for a fraction of what it would cost to hire a
copywriter. PLUS you get a blueprint for writing any type
of copy super FAST. You'll use this formula over and over
again, I promise.
It's time to get your sales copy out of your head and down
on paper in record time. No more pushing it to the back
burner. And best of all, no more losing money at an
alarming rate.
Let me see if I can help answer some questions you might

*Who is this training designed for?*
The *Speed Copywriting Workshop* course is for any type of
entrepreneur. If you are in a business and have creative
control over your marketing this course is for YOU. So far
people who have used this course span a broad range...

=> Graphic facilitator
=> Business storyteller
=> Attorney
=> Sales people
=> Marketing experts
=> Copywriters
=> Horse business owner
=> Life coach
=> Photographer
=> Spa owner
=> Speakers
=> Nutritional products distributor
=> Skin repair products distributor
=> Seminar promoter
=> Fighter pilot
=> Manufacturer
=> Fitness coach
=> Business coach
=> Spa owner
=> Real estate mogul
=> Massage therapist
=> Internet marketers

*I'm just going to hire a copywriter.*

A lot of people choose this route and it's a very valid
solution. But if I may play Devil's Advocate for a

You SHOULD hire a copywriter IF:
=> You have an extra $5,000-$15,000 lying around plus
royalties. Copywriting is the MOST EXPENSIVE skill to
=> This is the last sales letter you ever plan to write.
You won't need to replicate this skill if you never plan to
do it again;
=> You never plan to make future changes to your business.

You'll need to shell out more cash whenever you need an
Otherwise this course is a cheap investment in a lifelong
skill you will always need. Whether you write copy
yourself, pass it off to a member of your staff, or hire a
copywriter, at the end of the day YOU as the business owner
are the person responsible for the copy doing its job.

*What are the down and dirty details?*

You will not only get Lorrie's personalized system for
writing winning copy FAST, plus these special bonuses:
=> Step-by-step, replicatable blueprint for any kind of
=> All the tools you need to turn out your own professional
grade version of your first draft of sales copy
=> Laminated checklists
=> Deep target market questionnaire
=> Swipe files from top copywriters
=> Bonus DVDs
=> John Carlton's full day Hot Seat seminar (4 DVDs) - you
can't get these anywhere else!
=> Your own RED HOT CHICKEN (while supplies last)

*Is there a guarantee?*

Absolutely. When you purchase Lorrie's products, she
insists you leave a happy camper. You get a full 365 days
to play with and evaluate this course. If you're not 100%
satisfied, no big deal. Simply ship it back and you'll get
your investment returned (less shipping). You'll part

*Isn't this just like Lorrie's teleseminar Red Hot
Copywriting Bootcamp?*

Not really though the goals are similar. Both are about
getting good at writing copy, but the *Speed Copywriting
Workshop* course goes so much deeper. You get...

=> never before revealed tricks Lorrie has picked up in the
past few months from other top copywriters like Dan
Kennedy, Yanik Silver, John Carlton and Gary Halbert at
THEIR live events - ways to write WAY faster and pull more
money out of your copy (these have not been taught in the
=> to look over Lorrie's shoulder on the DVDs and watch how
she whips lame copy into amazing shape. It's as if you were
in the same room, learning at her feet. Very powerful
=> cutting-edge, replicatable copywriting techniques so
you get results MUCH faster (no one else has put together a
formula quite as easy to follow as Lorrie);
=> the underground knowledge of how to use specific words
to trigger a reliable chain reaction in your prospects (few
people know how to overlay this translate neurolinguistic
programming tricks into copy);
=> coaching in how to write follow up copy to support the
rest of the sales cycle (not just the sales letter, but
Lorrie also explains how to integrate other types of copy
to drive traffic to your website and keep your customers in
your funnel);
=> pull stories out of your head and onto paper to keep
your readers intrigued and glued to your copy (storytelling
is a surefire way to lower sales resistance and get into
your prospect's head);
=> and so much more!

*What is all the buzz I hear about the Red Hot Chicken?*

The Red Hot Chicken is actually a timer and is becoming
somewhat of a superstar. Copywriting legend Gene Schwartz
used to break up his writing in chunks of 33 minutes using
a timer. It's one of the secrets to writing quickly with
laser-focus. So Lorrie created a promotion with a goofy
(though effective) story around it.

Basically the story goes like this...a new breed was
discovered off of Hawaii (between Niihau and Kauai off the
Na Pali Coast) on a teeny tiny place called Quitsquawki'n
Island. They were named *chickenus timerus* or Red Hot
Chickens. They are an orderly, disciplined breed that
thrive best in the homes of successful entrepreneurs. And
Red Hot Copy was entrusted with finding suitable homes for
the Red Hot Chickens.

The promo is proof-positive that interesting copy and good
storytelling cuts through the clutter. She got requests for
the Chicken from as far away as Singapore, South Africa and
Belgium. One subscriber (who asked to remain anonymous
actually did a search on Google to find the island

Only those who own the *Speed Copywriting Workshop* are all
eligible to adopt a Chicken since they are entrepreneurs
proven to invest in themselves and their success. There is
no other way to get your claws on one of these Red Hot
Chicken timers. So don't let your copy go to the birds!
Sign up now!

Let me close with this...just figure out a way to make it
happen. There is no skill in your business that practically
writes checks for you!


Michael Murdock

P.S. Don't wait to reserve your copy of the *Speed
Copywriting Workshop* course!

"In the course of a lifetime - if you're lucky - you run
into a few great teachers and mentors. Lorrie
Morgan-Ferrero hits the mark in the copywriting arena.
Whether you're a novice or seasoned pro, the information
and guidance that Lorrie shares on copywriting and
marketing is not just invaluable, but extraordinarily
Phyllis Schwartz, Copywriter

Friday, September 28, 2007

The Quick Profits Guide To Co-Registration Leads...

The Quick Profits Guide To Co-Registration Leads...



"You are about to discover how to easily generate insane

amounts of money with e-mail marketing!

Open Up Your Own Pipeline To Profits & Generate All The Leads,

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What if I told you that e-mail marketing truly does hold the

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Right about now you may be thinking, "Oh SURE, that's what

everyone says but you really believe that e-mail marketing is

just a fancy way to describe SPAM".

You CAN MAKE HUGE PROFITS by using e-mail marketing and I can

teach you exactly how to do it.

"The Quick Profits Guide To Co-Registration Leads" is an

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These kinds of leads allow you to make the most of your time

and effort by communicating only with people who have already

indicated that they are interested in your business.

Wait a minute, you say... I already have a system in place

that allows customers and web site visitors to sign up for

e-mail information and special discounts.


That's great, and exactly what you should be doing -- but it's

only the first step to making money through e-mail marketing!
If you want to soar to the highest levels of wealth you MUST

expand your e-mail lists and put together organized, specific

e-mail marketing campaigns to build profitable relationships

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The truth is that you CANNOT build a big enough list and

CANNOT execute logical, organized e-mail marketing campaigns

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The BEST way to generate large amounts of money is to

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And the BEST way to get that continuous input to your list is

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And, the good news is...
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What exactly are co-registration leads?

They are e-mail addresses of people who have signed up to get

more information about your products or services as part of

the sign up or purchase process at another web site or through

another company.


These are the most valuable leads you can ever get your hands

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"The Quick Profits Guide To Co-Registration Leads" Contains

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Understanding what co-registration leads are...

Selecting the best co-registration lead provider...

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How an e-course can transform your marketing success...

The most important steps to avoid being labeled as a


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Before you do anything, though, there are a few very important

things you MUST understand:

This is NOT a get rich quick scheme and this is NOT a pie in

the sky method that leads you to believe all you have to do is

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There is no such thing as an effortless way to make huge

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Build Your List Rapidly - Using co-registration leads allows

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The Relationship - The relationship you have with customers

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your success so it's vital to understand just how to build and

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Select The Right Provider - Do you need a full service

provider who can handle the e-course and ongoing e-mail

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The All-Important First Impression - The initial mailing is

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The E-Course - This is a tested and proven strategy for

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The Importance Of Extra Value - Everyone likes to feel

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So they think you're a spammer- The absolute, most certain

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You probably expect that "The Quick Profits Guide To

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Those who know me already know by now, that I always strive to

provide extreme value in every offer that I put together and

this time is no different.

While this course could easily be structured as a $2000.00

weekend seminar, I'm not going to go that route.

In fact, if you are decisive and take action today you are

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Your resell rights come with a complete website salesletter,

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You'll have your own product that you can sell to YOUR

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charge for the resell rights. It's included in your one time

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To purchase right now and download this entire package, just

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To your success,

Michael Murdock

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Re: Review of Affiliate Cash Secrets

From the computer desk of Michael Murdock
Re: Review of Affiliate Cash Secrets

When I first heard about Affiliate Cash Secrets, I actually laughed at the title.

“Oh no”, I thought, “another how-to-make-money program aimed at unsuspected newbies...I bet it’s going to be another fluff-filled report without any real, actionable information.”

I became even more suspicious when I read the product's sales letter. It makes some pretty big claims, and I really didn't expect the product to deliver on any of them…


I'm ready to admit that my initial negative perceptions were misplaced. Yes, I bought the product. I downloaded it, opened it up, started reading...and was absolutely blown away!

I've never seen anything that goes into so much step-by-step, do this then do that, detail.

And the thing is, the report can help not just newbies, but intermediate level marketers as well. It’s very rare that I can recommend a product as being a good buy for the majority of people, but in this instance I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that Affiliate Cash Secrets is an excellent investment for nearly anyone who wants to make money with their own internet business.

You can also learn a lot about the core principles of affiliate marketing here. Probably one of the biggest secrets I picked up is how to build an opt-in list and I've never really understood how to go about it – until now.

Oh, and there's another thing here that newbies can really appreciate:
How to design squeeze pages.

That's something you don't see any one cover on the nuts n' bolts level, but Affiliate Cash Secrets actually gives you a complete squeeze page system with templates and brandable reports that you can give away to your subscribers.

Is there anything I DON'T like about this product?

Well, maybe one or two things. The first being that I didn't come up with this product myself and the second being that it’s in PDF format.

The only reason I'm complaining about the PDF format is because Affiliate Cash Secrets isn't exactly a 'short report'. It’s literally a book-length manuscript with tons of screen shots and how-tos. You pretty much have to print it out in order to follow along. I went through two ink cartridges printing it out myself.

That said, I should also tell you that Affiliate Cash Secrets isn't a “make money in 15 minutes from now” deal either. This information works, but you do have to learn, first, and you've got to put this stuff into action. It might take you a might even take you a month. If you want to make real money, then its worth whatever amount of time you have to invest, though.

So, if you're looking for an ultimate money-making blueprint, you need to check out Affiliate Cash Secrets. It really does deliver on what it promises. It’s priced fairly, too.

Oh, and I forgot to mention there is a Quick Start Guide with screen shots and tutorials to help you get started right away.

Verdict: Highly recommended. And don't forget to buy extra printer paper.

Here’s the link:

To your success!

Michael Murdock

Build YOUR List with Giveaways

Build YOUR List with Giveaways

Have you wondered about one of the easiest ways to build a list
of loyal subscribers? Besides providing valuable material to them in an ongoing, non-intrusive fashion...

Let me provide you a couple of examples:

1. Myself: I've built a list purely from collecting business cards and sending out opt-in mailers. It was productive, but gosh what a ton of work, I wish someone would have shown me a better way.

2. My Wife: - She's amazing at networking and getting people excited. She just passes out her cards and then people come and join. Sort of like the Pied Piper, only female, and the end result is she has a ton of subscribers...and a sore wrist from flicking out cards, hurting feet from the networking event...once again a TON of work.

3. Derrick Van Dyke: Derrick picked up 1,012 new leads in 13 days in the "15 days of summer" giveaway just last month. He describes that in THIS report! He's someone who I find to be credible, he shows you the easy way of doing things and he's highly intelligent. He likes things simple and allows you to move quickly to success. We were speaking yesterday about this offering and I was just excited to know I was going to be a part of it. Read on:

Also, if you want to re-sell this report, man do I have news for you..

Derrick Van Dyke and I have worked the resale on this and he test marketed it yesterday. If you buy giveaway secrets for the following LOW price levels, look what happens:

AFFILIATES: For only $7 you can get:

100% Profit sent straight to your PayPal account, if you resell this with the supplied link that you make. 100%!! into your account, right away. NO middleman!

(Pick the $7 option)


Build a profitable customer list in addition to the above with our built-in affiliate program... easier than pie

(Pick the $17 option)


Brand Your Report with YOUR links in addition to the above

(Pick the $27 option)

Here's the very interesting and potentially *very* profitable *secrets* that you've never seen before...with options
2 and 3:

This system includes a built-in affiliate program. So you can get other people to promote your site and the money goes straight into their PayPal account.

And unlike the typical $7 scripts that many people use to build a customer list, this new technology is...

=> 100% compliant with PayPal's terms of service!

Get it! Brand it! Build a customer list and profit!

And it gets even better because...

You don't even have to edit ANY HTML files!

Just edit ONE little configuration file in WORDPAD or any other TEXT editor, upload the files and you're done.

It's NEVER been this simple to build a customer list and profit from other people's efforts.

Here's the download link:

To YOUR success,


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Fine Custom Furniture - Michael Sean

When was the last time you purchased a great looking piece of furniture that really spoke to who you are?Probably never. Well now you can and be proud of it. Michael Sean has been putting his pen to paper and designing some of the hottest custom furniture for everyone.

He's part of the San Francisco Bay Area business community and has numerous people who seek his work from all over the world.

Michael says "For me, inspiration can be found in the simplest places. Shape, form and attention to detail have always consumed my life in painting, marble sculpture, architecture and now fine furniture.

Conceptually, furniture like architecture, is about evoking feeling and emotion in the space we live and work daily."

Michael is an accomplished fine artist and a master in shape, form and balance. His designs are simplistic, emphasizing sculptural quality and fineness of materials. As an independent artisan, he offers an unsurpassed degree of flexibility and attention to detail.

Michael works in Metal, Wood, & Glass when he does his designs. Quite amazing and really need to be seen to be appreciated.

See them at and appreciate the beauty, elegance, and flow of these amazing designs.

Once you have looked over his work, give him a call and set up an appointment to have your own custom piece designed. It's an experience you'll cherish and the results will be nothing short of amazing.

Michael Sean - Perfection in Metal, Wood & Glass
Phone: 1-888-358-3105

BlogRush - Have you signed up yet?

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DocMurdock - September 2007 Newsletter

It's September,

Time for another edition of our newsletter. As we move more towards being an information resource for clients we wanted to catch you up on the goings on out on the net. What's new, what's exciting, and what you may want to be doing to get your website out there in front of many people.

Page Design -

I have been speaking with clients about web page design since the web was first launched. It's always been about what makes a visitor feel not only comfortable when they visit your site, but also what gets them in the mood to purchase.

It's good to consult with some trend experts when trying to decide what colors are good for your website, where potential triggers should be laid out to entice people to look and stay. Maybe you want to insert a Poll to ask questions about what people want to see on your site, or maybe you just want to ask an opinion about a particular matter in the news. Something to engage the visitors is a beautiful thing.

Another item to consider when doing web site design is what is the purpose of the site? Is it to inform, or do you wish to display and promote a single product. If you wish to display a single product, you're going to want to know about our next topic below and that's "Landing Pages".

Finding the proper mix of elements on a page is the job of a number of people out on the web. One of my favorites is a company called Marketing Sherpa. Why? because they wrote what is considered to be the bible on landing pages. What's a landing page you're now asking and before I go any further, let me explain. Have you ever opened up a webpage, click on a link and run into something that looks like this? (right click the link below and select "Open in New Window or New Tab)

What you'll see is a landing page. This has something to offer, it tells you a little bit about what it does, it also offers you a chance to sign up to receive more information about it. This is also what's sometimes known as a squeeze page. Under other circumstances this page might offer you to sign up, but when you do, it'd send you to another page trying to squeeze some money out of your pockets.

A landing page generally shows a picture of the product, talks about 3 or so benefits of the product and offers you a chance to purchase it, or sign up to hear more about it. At the site above you'll notice there's a picture of the product (in this case it's a newsletter), it's free and it lists a few of the benefits of downloading the free report. What it does not clue you into is that there's a bigger package that you can get and resell which can create a steady income for you on the web with a simple 3-5 page website and even using paypal as a merchant processor.

What's a merchant processor? Why don't we cover that in another newsletter.

I like to make these brief so that I don't abuse your time. If you have a request for a newsletter subject, please send me an email to and let me know what you'd like to see.

Thanks for taking time out to read this, tell all of your friends to sign up for our upcoming newsletter at our site: where they can download a copy of our eBook which is chock full of resources for creating a presence on the Internet.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

To your success,

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Friday, September 14, 2007

Discover how to Instantly Increase Sales to ANY Website

..... Without Spending a Single Penny!

If you've ever tried to sell something online, you've
probably been frustrated at just how difficult it can be.

You do all you can to drive traffic to the site, send
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If you're fed up with not getting any sales, discover
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This amazing new software tool will allow you to
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By using it you'll discover:

* How to get up to 912% more clicks to ANY site you want
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* How to stop your affiliate commissions being stolen from
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* How you can actually get paid TWICE for each product
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As you can guess, a system this powerful is going to be worth
a great deal.

However, the creators are giving away a few copies for people
to test before they start charging up to $147 for it.

Act now and you can grab a copy at absolutely no charge using
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People all over the net are using this and are already getting
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P.S. Act now and they'll also show you how to get paid up to
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Friday, September 07, 2007

SEO Giveaway

I've got some pretty exciting news for you today.

Although they might not know it yet, what's opening today
is going to have a huge effect on the search engines
and everybody who uses them.

What am I talking about?

It's a new project that I've become involved in that
goes by the rather innocuous name, the SEO Giveaway.

In reality, the impact of it could be amazing.

You see, Leon Klepfish has managed to talk some of the
biggest names in search engine optimization into giving
up their most secret guides, special reports, and software.

And all of this is available inside the SEO Giveaway
member's area.

But, nobody is allowed in unless they agree to one condition.

The condition is simple, but something that will eliminate
90% of the possible participants:

You have to use what you learn. Now.

If you aren't willing to read and use what you get inside,
then you're not allowed in.

That's the rule. Take it or leave it.


Sunday, August 12, 2007

Helping Inventors And Start-ups Help Kids


For More Information Contact:
Kelly Cameron
(888) 693-6769

Helping Inventors And Start-ups Help Kids

(SCOTTSDALE, AZ)… Manifest Success Guru announces the release of an affordable and comprehensive program “Manifest Success: 7 Practical Steps To Create The Business Of Your Dreams” at A portion of the proceeds of the program, which takes the user from business planning through capital raising, will be used to help fund invention clubs for kids.

Manifest Success Guru began as the brainchild of Maria Simone, Founder and President of its parent Company - DreamScout, LLC, a 7 year old Scottsdale-based business development firm. After helping hundreds of inventors and start-ups with business planning, capital raising, product development and marketing, Simone decided to package the critical steps in a sequential fashion using a combination of audio and written support as well as an ongoing Mentoring component where entrepreneurs have access to experts as questions arise.

"It can be a lonely, frustrating process to have an exciting invention but not know what to do with it. What steps to take next? Who do you trust? My program shows people how to develop value for their idea, create a plan of action, gets them to start thinking about funding, and helps them build a support team. This combined with ongoing Mentoring not only helps start-ups save lots of time and money, they actually start enjoying the process a lot more. The fact that we’re also giving back to the next generation of entrepreneurs is icing on the cake” says Simone.

About Maria Simone

Maria Simone is a dynamic speaker, trainer, writer and champion of inventors and entrepreneurs. She has helped hundreds of people over the year’s access the resources they need to create their own success in business as well as a multiple income lifestyle. For more information visit

Know Where Your Vitamins Are Made? China, Most Likely

Contact: Julie W. Robinson 415 451-4566

Know Where Your Vitamins Are Made? China, Most Likely

New website features safest,
highest quality brands used by medical professionals.
Let the Global Medicine Hunter® guide your selection.

SAN FRANCISCO (August 6, 2007) — Poisonous pet food. Toxic toothpaste. Drugs masquerading as harmless herbs. Do you know what you’re swallowing?
“When it comes to ingestibles, it is more important than ever to rely on trustworthy companies with long-standing reputations for providing the safest, highest quality ingredients,” says Dr. Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, a medical anthropologist known as the Global Medicine Hunter®. Peter Kovac of The Washington Post reported last week that it’s “not just pet food.” Most of the world’s vitamins are imported from China. And now government regulators are scrambling to avert even more serious public health risks.

Dr. Jordan announces the launch of a new website designed to take the confusion out of choosing safe and effective dietary supplements and other health products. “I select only products that meet the strictest standards for quality, effectiveness and safety,” explains Dr. Jordan. “Brands on work exclusively with medical professionals, but through a special arrangement, we’ve been able to create this consumer site that requires a registered log-in.”

It’s not always possible to bypass food ingredients made in China these days, but I know the founders of the companies associated with, and can attest to their integrity and dedication in manufacturing the absolute finest natural health products, said Dr. Jordan. is organized according to health challenges such as bone and joint, heart health, menopause, and so on, explains Julie W. Robinson, president of “Our research found that people go to health food stores for something they had read about, whether it’s for memory, or for grandpa’s prostate, or their teenagers skin problems. But because of the strict FDA labeling laws, they don’t find what they’re looking for, and are overwhelmed by so many choices.

“At, Dr Jordan has grouped together the most superior, targeted supplements for each condition.” Robinson said that visitors are also surprised to find they can find these superior brands at a discounted price, and enjoy the convenience of home delivery within 1-3 business days.

Featured products will be accompanied by educational news every month. This month’s pick is Complete Life™ is a Food Compound Vitamin specifically designed to provide superior nutritional support from a unique combination of essential nutrients and whole foods, to promote optimal health and well-being.

The website launch was assisted by Michael Murdock, an Internet marketing consultant (

Medical anthropologist Dr. Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, the Global Medicine Hunter®, is on faculty at San Francisco State University and California Institute of Integral Studies. She is host of the nationally syndicated “Dr Meg Jordan Show” on Health Radio, hosts a weekly newscast on Global TV in Canada. She is also the product spokesperson for Holista USA, and editor in chief of American Fitness Magazine.

# # #

Friday, July 13, 2007

Doctor's Picks - Better Products for Better Health from Dr. Meg Jordan

When you want the simplest path to great health who do you go to? You go to someone who's been around the world and has gathered the things for you that provide results. Meg Jordan does just that with . She's brought together the best collection of Natural Health products for you and your family in one great website.

"As a medical anthropologist known as the Global Medicine Hunter®, I scour the world for integrative health solutions. I also hear about thousands of products as a radio/TV host, educator and clinician. Once a month I’ll choose a featured item"

Meg says that "Today people are baffled by too many choices. Our mission is to take the confusion out of shopping for the best health products for you and your family". If you've looked into any supermarket or drugstore you know exactly what she's talking about. Overcrowded, over priced, and too confusing to sort out for the average person. Now you don't have to. Let the Global Medicine Hunter guide you through this maze and into the realm of Natural Health products.

From A-Z this website has it all. Check it out today and see:

Here's some more on Meg Jordan and why this place is your best choice for Natural Health Products on the web. Tell all of your friends to visit the site today.

Meg Jordan, PhD, RN, is a woman who has motivated millions to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Author, speaker, international health journalist, registered nurse and a clinical medical anthropologist, Meg is one of the most recognized names in health and wellness reporting. Her syndicated columns, television reports, and special media projects cover health, wellness, integrative medicine, indigenous healing traditions and cultural trends. In fall 2007 Meg begins teaching Health and Human Nature at San Francisco State University from a global perspective.

One of her favorite pursuits is hosting the Global Medicine Hunter© for syndicated radio, TV and Internet programs. You can find her shows and podcasts on the Health Radio Network on Sundays from 2-4 pm ET. Meg searches the globe for healing remedies, traveling to remote and exotic places, confirming the best of traditional practices with modern science. As president of Global Medicine Enterprises, Inc., a health research and communications firm, she is a sought-after media commentator and seminar presenter for health, fitness, holistic practices, and cultural trends.

As former Director of Integrative Practice of the Health Medicine Institute in northern California, she specializes in behavioral medicine interventions.

Her doctoral research focused on the collaborative attempts among practitioners to combine medical modalities within integrative settings. She was a core faculty member of a new media venture with Deepak Chopra entitled MyPotential, and was a founding correspondent on iVillage, covering Global Health for women. Her syndicated columns on health and wellness are distributed to over 17 major newspapers and magazines worldwide, including the most respected newspaper in India, THE HINDU. She is a former health reporter for FOX-TV, has been a regular media commentator for CNN and several national shows, and author of five books.

Her latest, THE FITNESS INSTINCT (Rodale Reach 1999) was acclaimed as "the most original thinking in fitness in 20 years."

Founder of AFAA's American Fitness Magazine, she has also authored college texts including Fitness: Theory & Practice, The Aerobic Exercise Workbook, Aerobic Dance Injuries , How the New Food Labels Can Save Your Life (Wiese/NutriBooks), and PlyoPlay with Dr. Don Chu. She has authored over 800 medical and fitness articles for the dozens of publications and for several medical media programs.

She currently serves as a trustee for the National Wellness Institute, where she is a central player in a public education campaign about the importance of preventive health measures. A cardiac specialist R.N., she supervised cardiac rehabilitation units and opened the nation's first hospital-based wellness center in 1981 at Daniel Freeman Hospital in Los Angeles.

She serves on numerous advisory boards and professional societies, including the Society for Medical Anthropology, American Holistic Nurses Association, National Wellness Association, California Association of Naturopathic Physicians, National Fitness Leaders Association, the California Institute of Integral Studies, Exercise Malpractice Reporter, Health Medicine Forum, and ValleyCare Health System, multi-hospital system in the Bay Area (Northern California).

Meg is winner of the coveted Healthy American Fitness Leader award in 1991, a founding member of the California Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and creator of over 22 platinum-selling videos on health and fitness. A featured presenter with the National Wellness Speakers Bureau, Meg consistently receives the highest marks for seminar presentations and keynotes with American Heart Association, Lucent Technologies, California Department of Health, and many more organizations.

When you have a chance, go visit and see what great products they have for your health.

Michael Murdock, CEO

It's all in the LIST

Have you heard the expression that 'it's all in the wrist'? That's generally used in tennis or other sports. In marketing and promoting products, it's all in the LIST.

Who do you know, what do they need, what are you selling, do they want to buy it, do they want to hear what you're selling, do they find your information valuable? Those commas would normally be question marks, but know that this is a conversation that goes on in the minds of everyone who is wanting to sell a product to anybody.

They have to ask questions like this to form the sales message that will eventually provide you an impetus to come and purchase their product or service. How do you craft that message?

That's one of the things that we're going to cover in our upcoming MoreProfitPeriod newsletter that's coming from our other site called You did sign up for that right? if not, better get over to the site, download our free ebook and sign up for the mailing list.

You'll not want to miss that information as it's about teaching you how to do the things that I do on your own. Many have asked to be taught how to do marketing the right way, how to prep their website for search engines, how to get people to purchase. All of that will be covered in depth.

So once you have the list, how do you craft those emails? It really depends on the people you're emailing. You want to provide information that is valuable to them and answers some important questions that they may have and need answered to execute their business, or plan, or whatever it is that they are working on at the moment.

How do you know what to say? You ask. You ask your readers in a poll or through an email such as this, what they want to know. What is the burning question that they need the response to, to get that thing done that they are working on? What is it that they have to know? So...what is it that you have to know? Email me that and we'll make sure to get it responded to. We're going to use your first and last initial only in our email where we'll ask the question and then we'll provide a response to it. We may even base an entire email on just your question and the answer to it. We hope you'll find that valuable.

I almost forgot the reason I was writing this and that is THE LIST!!

Well tonight I purchased a product that someone has been telling me about and when I did one of the things they mentioned in that product was/is a LIST BUILDER. I signed up for it and already have 100 prospects in my list. That's just as a part of the signup. They have bonuses where they will add to that along the way. But those 100 people know many people and so on the list will build. Imagine my surprise if I wake up sometime, log in and find I have 30,000, 40,000 or even 50,000 people I can email out to. Well it can happen and now you have access to that too. It's free to join and if you wish to upgrade you can.

Here's the link for it:

I'd be honored if you'd sign up under me there. It will benefit both of us.

Here's the main product I was looking at:

I've been told by some people that this product really works and they really do help you make the money because if you don't, they give you your money back. The $47.00 investment was not much to invest in something that has a money-back guarantee.

So once you get going, you can build that list of prospects, add in people you meet and mail them viable information and become the expert in your field that you know you are. Get the word out there and the next thing you know your ebook is #1 on some big list and there's an email from Oprah asking you to come and tell your story. It does happen. We've seen it.

I wish you the best in your success and if there's anything I can do to help speed you along the way, just email me and ask.


Thursday, July 12, 2007

A program that works. That's all I will say

Fast Action Bonus#1

For a
limited time
, you can download Derrick VanDyke's Automatic Money Machines and Free Traffic Secrets for FREE
($97 Value)!

Plus you get the Affiliate Organizer
software to make your work easier.

Here to Download!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Michael Rasmussen's "Email Promos Exposed" Video Series: How to Write Killer Email Promos That Get Results!

Have you ever been faced with the task of having
to write an email promotion to your list, and
then realized that you didn't know what to say or
how to say it?

Michael Rasmussen's new video course "Email
Promos Exposed" promises to solve that problem
for you by walking you through the actual process
of creating killer email promos step-by-step.

If you're in a hurry, just go ahead visit this
URL to get instant free access to these videos:

I decided to see if Michael's videos live up to
their promise by trying them out myself. Here's
what I found:

Overall Quality

The first thing I noticed when I opened up the
first video was the stunning production quality.
He used Camtasia Studio for the production, which
is now the industry standard for creating
high-quality screen capture video products. The
audio is near studio quality, and the graphics
are very professional. These videos were made by
someone who KNOWS what he's doing. Well done!

I also liked how Michael divided the videos up by
section, and then again by sub-section. For
example, one video is all about the subject line,
and then there are different parts of that video
that each cover a certain area of crafting a
killer subject line.

Now let's move onto...


Here's a brief summary of each video. Obviously
it's impossible to list every single thing here,
but I want you to get a feel for what each one
covered, and how well it covered it.

If you're in a hurry, just go ahead visit this
URL to get instant free access to these videos:


This video served as an introduction to the whole
course. You get to see a picture of Michael in
his every day life, and he establishes his
credibility right up front by talking about some
of his massive successes online. He even provides
proof of credibility by displaying two checks in
the amount of $50,000 and $25,000 which prove
that, when it comes to the subject of making
money with email promos, he knows his stuff.

This is a good lesson for anyone to get. Whenever
you're teaching people how to do something, it's
good to establish your credibility up front, so
that there's no doubt about whether or not you're
qualified to talk about the subject. Most product
developers either skip or minimize this step.


This video talks about some things that no other
marketer has bothered to mention. You'll learn
things like:

* The mindset you need in order to write a killer

* The different tools you need before you get

* How to keep your emails laser-focused

* How to create an outline that practically
writes the email for you.

This was a fantastic video, and did a good job of
kicking things off.


I liked this video, because it talked about one
of MY biggest weaknesses when it comes to writing
email promos... the subject line. The subject
line is a confusing topic, because nobody's 100%
sure what the best tactics are.

Michael breaks it down, and reveals:

* The biggest secret for writing a subject line
that makes people insanely curious.

* Techniques for personalizing the subject line.

* Mistakes to avoid when using personalization.

I was surprised to find that I was making some of
the mistakes that Michael mentioned in this
video, but now I know better.


This is where a lot of people slack off when
writing their emails. Michael talks about how
important it is to create an opening that is
conversational, and then reveals techniques and
examples on how to do that.

He also reveals:

* How to get people to keep reading your email
once they've opened it.

* How to make your opening interesting.

* Mistakes to avoid when creating your first few


This is one of the "meatiest" portions of the
course, because it reveals techniques that are
not widely discussed on the forums, blogs, and in
most eBooks. He talks about the importance of
keeping your body copy tight and relevant, and
then reveals how you can do that. You'll also

* How to write powerful bullets that make people
curious and want to find out more.

* Simple formatting tricks for making your body
copy easy to read.

* The secret of "bucket brigade copy" and how to
use it in your email promos to force people to
keep reading.


This is where a lot of people wimp out in their
email promos. They start out strong, but when it
comes time to ask the reader to click the link
and take action, they don't know what to say.
Michael talks about some of his favorite
techniques for making that happen, and also

* The "magic question" to ask yourself that will
make your close much more powerful.

* The secret of the "unanswered question" and why
handling this is a surefire way to get people to
act right away.

* The structure of a powerful close.

* Mistakes people make when creating their close.


Some people say that the P.S. is one of the most
important parts of the email, because it is often
the one thing that gets people to click the link
at the end. In this video, Michael talks about:

* Why you should including a P.S. at the end of
your email.

* The 4 different kinds of P.S.'s you can use
(this section was a real eye-opener for me).


I loved this video, because it showed me some
mistakes that I was making that I wasn't even
aware of. Unless you're a seasoned pro, you're
probably guilty of some of the things that
Michael talks about in this video as well, and
that's why it's so valuable. I've shaved years
off my learning curve, because now I can avoid
some of the costly mistakes that I was bound to
make in the learning process.


This video alone is going to make me a lot of
money. Why? Because I used to only send out one
email promo for each affiliate promotion I was
doing. Michael showed me in this video how
important it is to send a follow-up promotion,
and he showed me exactly how to do it. He covered
things like:

* The psychology of follow-up email promo's.

* The 2 main types of follow-up promos that make
the most money.

* How to overcome readers' objections in your
follow up emails.

* The 2 most common mistakes people make when
writing follow-ups and how to avoid them.


Every marketing guru out there says that the REAL
money is on the back end. I'd have to agree with
them, but the problem is... most people have no
idea how to set up a back end system that makes
money. This video will teach you how to set up an
automated back end that's loaded with killer
promos that make you lots of cash on autopilot.
He reveals things like:

* The big difference between regular and back end
email promos.

* How to prepare a back end promotion sequence.

* Common mistakes people make when creating back
end email promos.


This could be the most important video of the
entire package for a lot of people, because most
people email their list to promote other people's
products as an affiliate. Let's face it, if you
only have 3 products, can you really afford to
only email your list 3 times a year? They'll get
bored hearing about the same old products over
and over again. This video sheds some light on
how to create killer affiliate promos. Michael
reveals things like:

* The two main types of affiliate promos.

* What makes affiliate promos different than
regular promos (and why ignoring this huge secret
could cost you big money).

* Michael's favorite tactics for creating
affiliate promos that no one else is doing.

* 3 different ways to add scarcity to your
affiliate promos (this is the most important
section of the video, so make sure you watch it
over and over again).


As you can see, Email Promos Exposed really packs
a lot of punch! Most of the courses out there
offer only watered down, weak content. Not this
one! These videos are going on my "A-list" for a
long time.

I've already watched them twice, and plan on
reviewing them every couple months to make sure
that I have the principals, techniques and
tactics burned into my mind.

If email marketing is an important part of your
business (and in my opinion, it's the most
important part of ANY online business), then you
owe it to yourself to check out Michael's
exciting new videos, Email Promos Exposed.

Here's the URL where you can get instant free access
to the videos right now.


Monday, July 02, 2007

Unspoken, But Crucial To Your Online Success

Hey Guys,

In the beginning there was the marketer. There are certain truths you come to understand the more time you spend making money online – or trying to.

Witness the evolution of marketing online. Whether you are new to the net game or an experienced pro, there is one thing you will have in common if you are moving towards entrepreneurial success.

As you read this article you will realize what you have in common with all the other million dollar earners online, and what you’re missing that can take you from where you are to where you want to be.

So let’s get started shall we?

I will begin with a bullet point list and short explanation of the marketing necessities you want to have:

For starters, most established markets will already be using this by default:

- A Domain: something specific to what you want to promote like (

- Hosting: a place to put your site, if you’re planning on making money – find a paid solution so you look like a credible business and you cut back on high traffic crashes.

- A website: your image your presence and your marketing message, don’t get pulled into the trap I see everywhere of trying to put too many choices on your website. Maximize on the effectiveness by only giving one purpose to a page. For example if you want to build a list - focus all your efforts and copy on that singular focus, if you want your site to sell a product, then only put that focus on your site. You’ll also need a good editing program, and an ftp software to get this up and moving.

- A merchant account: If you have something to sell, people will need a way to pay you. There are a ton of great providers out there, but there are a specific few that give your visitors the security to pull out a credit card with assurance.

- An Autoresponder: This is a real necessity if you want a business and not just a hobby. When you have a family to support this is a real no brainer. This is your email follow up service. You get a name added to your list and this is where they go. You will use this to stay in touch and build relationships with your customers and soon-to-be customers.

- A helpdesk: in the beginning when your business and sales are small you can handle all the little questions and emails yourself. One of the things that will keep a small business is small is thinking “I can do that myself” if you want to truly grow; you need to share the workload (petty tasks) and focus on what you truly want to do creatively for your business.

- Membership Site software: once you’re addicted to the internet marketing lifestyle, you will realize this oh-so-simple fact, it’s great to make a sale, but it’s even better to make a sale once and get paid for it every month. Continuity is king.

- Teleconferencing software: If you want an easy way to create and crank out high ticket products, audios and a transcript is an easy to make, high-value product.

Of course everything we’ve touched on so far only scratches the surface, but these are the necessities that not only get you started but will make you above average. Keep your eyes peeled for more articles that will take you from beginner to winner.

We’ll cover resources that will help you stay organized and expand your business to make you truly prosperous such as:

-PDF creators and converters
- Mind mapping software
- Site tools to make your business a set and forget it – money magnet
- Internet video and audio creating software
- And the how-to’s of outsourcing

Keep learning, and most important: be persistent – it will be a quality you share with the biggest money makers online today…

To get more information or download your own copy of the Resource Report for free visit:

Yours In Success,


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tracking Visitors to your site...

What methods are you as a site owner using to track visitors to your site? I can think of two that I recommend that everyone look into:



The 1st one is a charged service, but amazing in the support aspects and the data collected. The 2nd one is Free, but it does take time and knowledge to set up, configure, monitor, etc. So the cost is determined in what is your billable time worth if you're doing things yourself.

If you're like me, you'll try both and see which one best fits your needs. I have several clients using the 1st option and they love it because when they have a problem, the support is readily available. The thing about free tools from Google (and I do love Google) is that the support is not always readily available and therefore this can cost you more in your time than it's really worth to set up.

Now the data...both give you a ton of things to mull through to determine whether or not you're getting the right people to your site, how long they are staying around, where they came from, what they were searching for, what door they came in...what door they exited through, whether they were new or repeat, what size their monitors are, what browser they use and almost what did they purchase for dinner. (last one...not quite, maybe next year).

Give them both a lookie-loo and see which one fits your needs. Ask me questions if you desire and I'll give you some brief answers to help you decide which one will work for you.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Michael Murdock, CEO - Home of 100% Money-Back Guaranteed SEO

Friday, June 15, 2007

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed SEO

Yes, you did read the title correctly "100% Satisfaction Guaranteed SEO". That means we'll do what nobody else does. We'll perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization, or Website Optimization) on your website (the top 5 pages), and we'll do the submissions and revisions and such for 6 months. If you're not happy with our service at that time, we'll refund 100% of your money no questions asked.
Here's how this works. Basically SEO is a process. It requires an ongoing schedule of work to be done to be completely effective. Our objective is to get your website listed in as many places as we can on the various search engines so that more people see your name, your brand, your product name and will then come to your website. Once they get to your website as long as your message to purchase is clear, they'll either purchase, or they'll leave. That's the part we have no control over. Nobody does. That is unless they designed your site and crafted your sales message and have guaranteed you to get sales. If they have, we'll bring the market to your site so they can buy.

This process to get your site listed in multiple locations does take around 3-6 months time. We ask you to stay with us for 6 months. If you're not happy with our services on that 181st day, we'll give you a check for 100% of your money back, and we'll stop the services. However, if you are happy at that time, we'll toss in a couple of extra months and continue the service for 14 months instead of the 12 you're signing up for. Yes, it's true you can get something for nothing.

Some clients who approached us asked us for this for reassurances. We're more than happy to provide that and it's on our website where you sign up for the services as well.

Now, are you ready for some great exposure for your website? Are you ready to climb the ladder up the search engines and be noticed by your ideal market? We'll hope the answer to that is a resounding YES and this next step will make that simple:

Monday, June 11, 2007

What does it take to run YAHOO (YHOO)?

I guess at this point in time that's an interesting question for Terry Semel the current CEO who is looking at some shareholder disgust over his company's performance since 2001. The downslide from 477.00 a share to the 20's is pretty rocky. Sort of like Gil Amelio before he was ousted after receiving a Christmas card from a PIXAR employee which simply said "450,000.00 is not too much to pay for a Happy Apple Family" and then acting on it by purchasing NeXT from Steve Jobs...and the rest is pretty much history.

Terry, perhaps it's time for you to pass the torch along. Take your 77 million in stocks and bonuses and leave. (Save some though for the investigations that will come once someone is made new CEO). But for now take them and keep them to yourself.

Yahoo the company... you gotta get with the program. You need some fresh meat in the bullpen running things. You need to be more innovative, more focused, and more open to new ideas and new possibilities. What can a search engine, a portal site such as Yahoo be to the computer world? And then implement it.

It's funny, I was sharing with a friend this morning an idea that I had more than 4 years ago for something that related to automobiles which has only been partially implemented by Lexus (love to chat with their engineers for a bit and the rest would be soon). Some of those very things which I discussed with him could have been put into Yahoo more than 4 years ago and helped your company rise above Google and even put you in a place where a take over would have been possible, if that was the direction you ultimately wanted to go.

But hindsight is 20/20 and looking to the moment is better than the past or even the future. What is there lacking today at this point in time from Goole or Yahoo or MSN that should be available to every computer user out there in the blink of an eye?

And why doesn't Yahoo have that item on its portal page? Why is it falling behind some other providers of information and using layouts that don't really compliment things in a way that users want them today?

Why is it not going after advertising in a way similar to Google and allowing users to make money vs. short circuiting their profit streams and sending them running from Yahoo Search Marketing like rats fleeing a sinking ship? These are some things you need to ask yourself.

It does not appear that you're able to run the ship as you thought you could. Perhaps it's time for new blood at the helm. Time to take the Black Pearl that is Yahoo out of the harbor past the jetty and into the oceans of profitability once more.

As I mentioned to another blogger, I'd be happy to toss my hat into the CEO ring for this position, but there'd need to be some changes and the board...they'd have to leave as well. We'd redo things at the management level from the top down, tighten the belts up and prepare for the coming storm which we'd weather and sail into smooth seas with a stock price of $200.00 a share by the end of 2008 or sooner if I had my way.

What does it take to run YAHOO? A great imagination, a taste for the absurd and the guts to jump out and do it.

Am more than ready to take that on. Is Yahoo ready for some real change? Only their board will decide that and if they offer, I am listening.

Michael Murdock, CEO

Friday, June 01, 2007

Are you swarming yet?

Hi Everybody!

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Give it a try and let me know what you think ...


Michael Murdock

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Abraham...Jerry & Esther

Have you seen The Secret? Have you begun to manifest in your life the things that you desire? Or are you stuck in a rut of negative energy that appears to stifle you at every turn?

You don't have to be. Now you can truly achieve that which you desire in your life, your work, and your entire existence. It really does work.

I have and continue to do so every single day. Just recently a great and I do mean GREAT DVD has been released. You have to own this today.

Go to and see where they talk about "The Secret Behind "THE SECRET"

See the image above. Click on it and you'll be transported to the right place and get your copy today.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

ADTECH in San Francisco

If I were still living in the San Francisco Bay Area I would be at ADTECH. This place is hopping with people, business and a number of booths that you just have to visit to learn about what's going on in marketing in the industry today. If you're there...I am jealous. :-) Well not really. See my wife and I moved to the Valley of the Sun and now reside in gorgeous Scottsdale, Arizona where the temp right now is a nice 80 degrees, sunny, and the pool in our backyard is just waiting for a visit from yours truly.

What are you doing in your life to create what you want? Have you seen The Secret? Are you living that which is true to your vibration in this time and space? If're not doing a service to you and that's who really needs it. Take care of you. While in SF enjoy the sights, take in a show, and spoil you.

When you're ready to sign up for a service that will treat your website well with additional visibility on the net, go to this link:

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Looking forward to having you join our long list of happy clients.

Michael Murdock, CEO

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Have you signed up for this yet? Profitmart has a heck of a deal going, check it out below at:

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