Holidays are upon us

And so it goes that another year is winding down into the tablets of oblivion. Not to be relived by this current society ever again. To be lived by another society? Not if the current clock and calendar are truly perpetual...but are they? Who the heck knows for sure. Wouldn't it be strange if the world we live in were an experiment in another world that someone else lives in who is far more advanced? Could be...never can tell, but anyway make sure that you grab someone, give them a hug and tell them you love them as a human being. It's a great way to change the day of someone and set them on a path of abundance.

Merry Christmas (belated) & Happy New Year in advance.

May 2007 be a great year for you. I know it's going to be a great year for me.

God bless,

Michael Murdock, CEO

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