4 New Website Tools

The following are 4 new tools that we're offering to folks who are working with websites. For the do-it-yourself group these tools are a god-send. They're simple. They work. They deliver results.

They are:





UPTIME will let you ensure that your website is up and available to the rest of the world.

KEYWORDS lets you find the ideal keywords for your website as well as see where competition is for terms. Optimize your site, have your site spidered to see how your site copy is performing and more.

SUBMIT lets you submit to search engines. Basically it will also train you on how to do this the right way. You can track rankings, check for broken links and so much more.

VISITORS lets you see who is coming to visit your site. Track them from the moment they come in, to the moment they leave. See which pages are working and which are not. Don't miss out on this tool as it's simply amazing. I recommend all of my clients to use this tool for their websites.

Wish you the best in your endeavours to make your site stand out on the web.

Michael Murdock, CEO

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