Another Forum ends today...

Congrats to those who graduated as Class 306 of the IBI Free Enterprise Forum. It's time to move back into business mode and now the mode of working cooperatively vs. competitively. Quite a switch for most, but seeing it in the eyes of those here, it will be easy for them to accomplish.

One of the greatest happenings here at the Forum was seeing Challenger the Eagle. An American Bald Eagle brought here by his handler Al Cecere. The two of them showed people the majesty and grandeur of the Bald Eagle. I spoke with a lovely lady named Courtney about Challenger and we both are amazed that people take delight in bringing these magnificent animals.

At this time I do want to mention a place where you as a resident of this wonderful country can go and help the save the Eagles for years to come.

Save the Eagles at

When you're out there writing people things on the Internet, make sure to write your Senator or Congressman (or Congresswoman) and tell them to help save the Eagles.

Thanks Challenger for reminding us of the greatness that we are merely a part of.

God bless all of the graduates of this Class of IBI and watch over them as they move forward in business and life to realize their dreams.

Michael Murdock, CEO

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