MMACS - Michael Murdock's OTHER Website GIVES BACK BIGTIME!

MMACS - Michael Murdock's OTHER Website GIVES BACK BIGTIME!

Greetings. It's New Year's Day and it's a BIG Day for Charity. With your help that is. I have just finished modifying a website that I have had since 1996.

It's located at

I wanted to find a way to do many things under one roof in the form of giving back. So by taking this site and creating a grid of pixel advertisements I have the chance to give back a lot to a lot of people.

Here's how the site works, make sure you read the FAQ to understand the site and the mission of what we want to do.

The site when you enter it contains a grid of blocks. Each block is made up of 100 pixels. There are 1 MILLION pixels there that can be advertised on. What we're doing is asking people to create an ad of either 100 pixels (1 block) ($10.00) cost, or more. This ad is a picture or something that they want to place on the grid. If you're purchasing 1 block the drawing will be very small. Once you've decided on what you want to put there you can lay out your ad budget.

A block costs $10.00 (this is for 5 years of advertising on the Internet on a site that gets a lot of traffic already and is going to get more based on the volume of press releases mentioning the site).

What do you get for your purchase? You get a spot on the web that has a link to your website or business for the next 5 years. You get a FREE PRESS RELEASE created to talk about your company which gets submitted to PRWEB and then released onto the net. You get a donation of a portion of your money to a charity in your town which will also be mentioned in this press release drawing attention to you, your business and the fact that you give back to your community.

What does this do for your business? Exposure on the web, exposure to your community, potential exposure in your local newspaper or news program.

Who does it benefit? You, your business, and the charity that you name.

Why am I doing this? Because in our world, in our country there's a lot of pain and suffering and I believe that we're all here to do something special in our lives. I want this to be a legacy to go forward into the future and a model for others to follow.

So thanks in advance for your help in making this come true and helping to make 2006 start off on a really bright note.

God bless.


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