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Holidays are upon us

And so it goes that another year is winding down into the tablets of oblivion. Not to be relived by this current society ever again. To be lived by another society? Not if the current clock and calendar are truly perpetual...but are they? Who the heck knows for sure. Wouldn't it be strange if the world we live in were an experiment in another world that someone else lives in who is far more advanced? Could be...never can tell, but anyway make sure that you grab someone, give them a hug and tell them you love them as a human being. It's a great way to change the day of someone and set them on a path of abundance.

Merry Christmas (belated) & Happy New Year in advance.

May 2007 be a great year for you. I know it's going to be a great year for me.

God bless,

Michael Murdock, CEO

Happy Thanksgiving

May this day of thanks spread happiness and joy to your entire family and those across the globe. We pray for those who defend the light of freedom and we give thanks for their bravery in the face of danger and the fire in their hearts that keeps them doing what they do.

God bless you all.

Happy Thanksgiving.


4 New Website Tools

The following are 4 new tools that we're offering to folks who are working with websites. For the do-it-yourself group these tools are a god-send. They're simple. They work. They deliver results.

They are:





UPTIME will let you ensure that your website is up and available to the rest of the world.

KEYWORDS lets you find the ideal keywords for your website as well as see where competition is for terms. Optimize your site, have your site spidered to see how your site copy is performing and more.

SUBMIT lets you submit to search engines. Basically it will also train you on how to do this the right way. You can track rankings, check for broken links and so much more.

VISITORS lets you see who is coming to visit your site. Track them from the moment they come in, to the moment they leave. See which pages are working and which are not. Don't miss out on this tool as it's simply amazing. I recommend all of my clients to use this tool for their websites.


New Search Engine Submissions Offering

Yes, we're offering a new tool. It's for those who cannot afford some of the other more pricey options available. Check it out at:


And don't miss signing up for something great.



Website Hosting

If you're out there and you want to host a website, the best place to do this is the link below. I use them for two of my sites and recommend them for others.

Just click the link and sign up today. They offer the best deal, with the most reliability and the most features of any hosting company around at really low prices! It's only $7.77 a month!

Check it out today.

WebAssist...Coolest web products on the Planet

If you work in the area of website design, or you're simply looking to spice up your own website, you'll want to check out the following link:

This company produces some great add-in products for your website design operations. Good stuff, check it out!


Another Forum ends today...

Congrats to those who graduated as Class 306 of the IBI Free Enterprise Forum. It's time to move back into business mode and now the mode of working cooperatively vs. competitively. Quite a switch for most, but seeing it in the eyes of those here, it will be easy for them to accomplish.

One of the greatest happenings here at the Forum was seeing Challenger the Eagle. An American Bald Eagle brought here by his handler Al Cecere. The two of them showed people the majesty and grandeur of the Bald Eagle. I spoke with a lovely lady named Courtney about Challenger and we both are amazed that people take delight in bringing these magnificent animals.

At this time I do want to mention a place where you as a resident of this wonderful country can go and help the save the Eagles for years to come.

When you're out there writing people things on the Internet, make sure to write your Senator or Congressman (or Congresswoman) and tell them to help save the Eagles.

Thanks C…

Ebook is FINISHED!

The Ebook is finally done. It's a fast read about things that you may hear about, but are confused when you read about them. I try to clear the air and help you understand things fast.

Along the way you'll learn some computer history (at least some that I've been involved in), you'll read about domain names, how to purchase them, where to purchase them for reasonable prices, what cybersquatting is and why it's not legal in the US. You;ll read a bit about branding and why that's important, how to create a website, how to create a blog, what a press release is, and where you can distribute one from as well as other helpful information to help your business become successful on the Internet.

Pick up your copy today and buy one for a friend as well. Price is $20.00




Do you have your feed posted here? If should!

Have you seen the new blog widget for Dashboard under OSX? It's pretty cool!


Help New Orleans!

and the other areas which were hit by hurricanes. My wife's company Signature Accents has created an awesome scarf which is helping to give back by donating a portion of sales to the Red Cross Disaster Relief. Here's a picture of the scarf from the website, and the press release is below as well. Help others and the karma coming back at you will be more than tripled in a great way.

God Bless,



For More Information Contact:
Michael Murdock
(415) 927-7174

Silk In The City And Hurricane Relief

(SAN FRANCISCO, CA)? Since the devastating effects of hurricane Katrina became known to the world, individuals and businesses have been pouring money into relief efforts organized on local and national levels. The creators of City Scarves? have committed to do their part with the release of a New Orleans scarf which depicts colorful landmarks and icons of the celebrated city. People will have the opportunity to wear their memories of this special cit…

MMACS - Michael Murdock's OTHER Website GIVES BACK BIGTIME!

MMACS - Michael Murdock's OTHER Website GIVES BACK BIGTIME!

Greetings. It's New Year's Day and it's a BIG Day for Charity. With your help that is. I have just finished modifying a website that I have had since 1996.

It's located at

I wanted to find a way to do many things under one roof in the form of giving back. So by taking this site and creating a grid of pixel advertisements I have the chance to give back a lot to a lot of people.

Here's how the site works, make sure you read the FAQ to understand the site and the mission of what we want to do.

The site when you enter it contains a grid of blocks. Each block is made up of 100 pixels. There are 1 MILLION pixels there that can be advertised on. What we're doing is asking people to create an ad of either 100 pixels (1 block) ($10.00) cost, or more. This ad is a picture or something that they want to place on the grid. If you're purchasing 1 block the drawing will be very small. Once y…