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It's Christmas

well, at least in a little bit it will be the 24th of December. A time for pondering, a time for reflection, a time for thanking GOD in whatever terms fit for you, for bringing his son into this world and dying for our sins so that we might be saved. I know that's a far stretch for some, especially those who are talking about "Intelligent Design" in schools, but for's what I believe. I don't criticize others for their beliefs, and I totally respect their rights to have the beliefs they do.

So in this time...what you believe does not matter. What does matter is that you're here to do something and contribute to someone's life in some fashion and help share the goodness that is you with the world. See we're all angels originally and we choose to come here to this time to be here and learn what it's like to exist and to feel emotions and such. However, we're not here forever and what we do in this time does matter to everyone here in some …