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So people ask me what I am doing now. I decided to really turn down the volume on the website optimization business and focus on creating room to retire. I figure in 3-5 years it will be time to shelve the computer business and fade off slowly into the sunset sipping a margarita with my lovely wife by my side, maybe playing golf a few days a week and enjoying a ride in one of our two white mercedes automobiles.

Perhaps the kids will be born by then, but if not, it shall be the two of us doing what we love to do, where-ever we love to do it, whenever we want to.

The thing about creating that retirement is that you have to decide in truth that you want to do it, and then allow the universe to help you create that.

So let me ask you a simple question - Are you making enough money right now? If so, do you have time to enjoy it? Think about those questions and then email me. Because if someone offered me a chance to make more money each month, and offered to help me do it and support me in do…