What's your Marketing Message?

Do you know? Do your website visitors? If not, you're losing sales! (Period)

I think that's a great subject for today. It's a Saturday, people are out shopping for things and marketing or advertising is hitting them in the face every 1 - 3 seconds whether they want it or not.

Are you doing that with your website? Are you hitting your users with ads that inspire them to buy? I doubt it. Even yours truly has an issue with this, so why should you believe what I say? You shouldn't. It's not your experience, it?s mine.

But if I told you that ideas that I have produced have helped companies make billions in revenue would you listen? If I told you that you could make simple, subtle changes to your website and the language used in it, and that would turn the tide of visitors into clients or customers, would you listen?

I think you might. I know I would. But in today's marketplace on the web, what are we seeing? We're seeing ads that claim to deliver thousands of dollars, or millions of dollars for a mere $867.00. Forums that you can go to and in the meantime while you're on our website before you sign up for the big screw, sign up for the little one for only $49,97. Who thinks this crap up? Geniuses do. How do I know? Because more than once I, like you was roped into buying that stuff and now it clutters the floor of the office I am in at this very moment and the wife is asking "When are you going to clean that place up"? Right after I get done with this literary diatribe about how people are missing the simple elements of advertising on their websites and losing customers.

Am going to give you some sage advice. Before you go out and spend hundreds or thousands on the tools that you?re going to in your adventures on the web, look around and smell what they're selling. The really successful people on the web have been doing this for years. They've got what you don?t have. Qualified mailing lists of people who love them and love to get their marketing material and from time to time they buy. They're not getting 10% returns, they make only get a 1 or 2% return on mailings, but in the volume of mailing they are doing, this is a good number.

So what's a person on the web to do about this issue? How do we make a break through? I'll tell you, but you'll have to come back another time to read it...or you can just cut to the chase and run to the following website:


and read what's there. We work with clients all the time to get their message on track and their website from being just a visitor haven, to people who actually come and purchase products and or services. Because after all, that's the reason you put up the website in the first place right?


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