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So long Joe...It's been great to know you

I was driving the car home (on the 18th of August 2005) when the newscaster came on and said that there had been an accident in Mendocino and a member of the team that made Toy Story had been killed. I started to slow down and when they said Joe Ranft's name, I practically had a wreck myself.

Instantly I was transported back in time to that day in 1991 when I went to work for PIXAR and began supporting the products that we made at the time, and also when I helped the animation team install software that would allow them to do screen pencil tests for what would eventually become Toy Story.

Joe Ranft was a great guy. He had an awesome sense of humor, and of who he was in the world, at least from my point of view. I rarely during the 6 years that I was at PIXAR saw him in any kind of a down mood, and he was always very pleasant to sit with at lunch. Many times I dropped in and helped him with computer issues as I did with everyone at PIXAR who used a Macintosh. That was my job there. M…

What's your Marketing Message?

Do you know? Do your website visitors? If not, you're losing sales! (Period)

I think that's a great subject for today. It's a Saturday, people are out shopping for things and marketing or advertising is hitting them in the face every 1 - 3 seconds whether they want it or not.

Are you doing that with your website? Are you hitting your users with ads that inspire them to buy? I doubt it. Even yours truly has an issue with this, so why should you believe what I say? You shouldn't. It's not your experience, it?s mine.

But if I told you that ideas that I have produced have helped companies make billions in revenue would you listen? If I told you that you could make simple, subtle changes to your website and the language used in it, and that would turn the tide of visitors into clients or customers, would you listen?

I think you might. I know I would. But in today's marketplace on the web, what are we seeing? We're seeing ads that claim to deliver thousands of dollar…