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Weekend is here...IBI

Time to prep for the IBI Forum. This one is special. More to come during the forum, but for now you have to wait and see what's going on. I think Monday I will write again here to just let all know how the day went. After all, it appears the forum is beginning a bit earlier this time, Teens are going to be there, lot's going on, new faculty due to massive changes in the product,'ll just have to wait and find out :-)

More Monday!

Not much to report...

today is just one of those nice days in Larkspur. Calm breeze, clear blue skies...feels like a day that God just painted for us to enjoy. So am going to continue the efforts to downsize the office a bit and clear out some of the old and replace it with some of the new.

Whereever you are, whatever you're doing, may it be enjoyed in peace, and may you have a most wonderful day. For those in the midst of the hurricane, our prayers are with you, and we send you light to guide you through the storm and into calm.

See you soon.

It's America's Birthday...

Or at least the weekend where we celebrate our Independence Day. It's a time to come together, share time with loved ones, share food, and fun with one another as we celebrate what this country is all about. Freedom.

You can agree or disagree with that statement, but it's what you believe that matters. You may not believe what I do, and you're entitled. I in the same fashion may not believe as you do, I am entitled as well. What makes us great is that we can have that opinion and be free to express it.

I will not turn this blog into a political forum. We all have our beliefs. That's the beauty. What I will say is that as a Navy Veteran, I am proud to live in America. Having spent the earlier portion of my lifetime overseas away from these shores, when you return home to America, you know you crossed a border into greatness.

We have our problems as do other countries. If we could ALL (and underline and bold that one) sluff off the "leadership" and learn to lead o…