Apple on Intel...FINALLY!

It's about time Steve. Something other than Motorola. Something other than the chips that gave us sub-standard performance when I worked for Pixar and we were developing RenderMan for Macintosh and PC, and the PC was outrunning the Mac by more than 25% in speed.

Something other than the chip that defaulted to double-precision floating point when single would do just fine (Motorola did double, Intel did single, results were not distinguishable with the human eye in rendering tests).

However, since Apple slammed INTEL in the commercials when they were young, dumb and full of "it", it could backfire on them a bit. Notice the stock dips for both companies today as a result of the news...nope, just the market toying with all of us. When Apple get's smart with this, they can ride a way of popularity that will slam Microsoft into the pavement so fast that Gates will not know what hit his bank account.

Imagine this. OSX running on Intel, faster than Motorola, and with a built-in Windows emulator that runs every piece of software made for the PC. Developers heed the word, it's time to get back on the Apple wagon and leave Microsoft behind. You wanted an out and Jobs just gave you a big one. Don't blow it!

I see a day when computers are wearable. We have nothing showing as far as hardware. When I say wearable, they fit into our skin, and we merely have to speak codes to do data entry of sorts. Ideally everything we say would be directly translated into our system, but that has it's ups and downs if you know what I mean. Things would not be too pretty if we're telling our current boss that we think they should perform certain impossible bodily functions with themselves when we're supposed to be sending out an email to someone else...and into that email goes the thoughts...and that person knows the see where this is going.

It's what's called a tangent. Back to Apple...good move Steve. Now don't blow it. Make it great, make it fast, and give users the ability to run down to Fry's get the fastest CPU on the block and stuff it into our Macs and have them run even faster. We needed this like a shot of a new...ipod-like-video device.



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