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It's Christmas

well, at least in a little bit it will be the 24th of December. A time for pondering, a time for reflection, a time for thanking GOD in whatever terms fit for you, for bringing his son into this world and dying for our sins so that we might be saved. I know that's a far stretch for some, especially those who are talking about "Intelligent Design" in schools, but for's what I believe. I don't criticize others for their beliefs, and I totally respect their rights to have the beliefs they do.

So in this time...what you believe does not matter. What does matter is that you're here to do something and contribute to someone's life in some fashion and help share the goodness that is you with the world. See we're all angels originally and we choose to come here to this time to be here and learn what it's like to exist and to feel emotions and such. However, we're not here forever and what we do in this time does matter to everyone here in some …

Giving Thanks...

When I was born there were many things that I was told to be thankful for. I believe that we should give thanks to the Lord for us being in this time and space and for all the people that we interact with every day of our life. Why? Because without them we'd not be working in the space that we are and we'd not be in line with everyone else in the world to have the successes we do.

I hope that every one of you has taken time to be with their family and friends. Every day that we live in this life is a true gift from the almighty. Not many people believe in the almighty and that's one of the reasons why this world is in the mess that it's in.

Give thanks for everyone that you meet. They're in your life for a reason. Love them and never disrespect them.

When you do this your life will get better and more things will come to you that you have dreamed of.

God bless you and keep you safe from all harm.


It's Sunday...What does your week include?

Hopefully it's something like this:

Monday - Develop content for the website
Tuesday - Research keywords and prepare content for website
Wednesday - Implement changes into website
Thursday - Submit website to search engines repeatedly
Friday - Attend Arbonne Business Opportunity Meeting
Saturday - Relax!
Sunday - Pray and prepare to repeat things next week until success is achieved.

But if it's not like this, then you're not in the business that I am in, and you need my help. I create visibility for your website on the Internet and make your site appear higher on search engine indices.

The process is similar as above, but with more vigor and no wasted time. It's my objective to see that your site gains exposure on the Internet in more places than one, and on more search engines than just Google.

We also offer the service of managing your google adwords account (separate charge) monthly for you with no long term commitments.

So the question for you is what does your site need toda…

It's Tuesday...Where's your website?

When you ask most people, they're not quite sure. Am I getting the exposure that I need? Do I need to resubmit my site? Is it really required to resubmit my site as often as people tell me? Interesting questions, let's take them one at a time:

Q. Am I getting the exposure that I need?

A. That depends on why you have a website. When I teach at IBI's Free Enterprise Forum ( I get people to ask themselves some simple questions. Why do I have a website? Why do I need a website? What's the purpose of my website? Who's my market for my product or service? When you find the answer to these questions, you can answer the exposure question very easily, and generally the answer is NO, you're not getting the kind of exposure you need. Why do I say that with such assertion? Simple. If you did, you'd be out enjoying life and not worrying about it :-) But seriously. Let's examine what a website is, what it's for, and why people use them.

Websites th…

The Connectory...

What can you say about a place that promotes what is called "Cooperative Blogging"? You can say it's a slice of blog heaven. That's pretty much it. The Connectory is a great place to put your blog up and get it noticed. You'll get noticed faster than in other places and your blog will get more visibility from a group of people who will PLUS it and help you take it higher in the scheme of things known as the Internet.

Don't miss your chance to get in on a good thing. The Connectory. Click the image above to take your place with the rest of the blogging superstars.



So people ask me what I am doing now. I decided to really turn down the volume on the website optimization business and focus on creating room to retire. I figure in 3-5 years it will be time to shelve the computer business and fade off slowly into the sunset sipping a margarita with my lovely wife by my side, maybe playing golf a few days a week and enjoying a ride in one of our two white mercedes automobiles.

Perhaps the kids will be born by then, but if not, it shall be the two of us doing what we love to do, where-ever we love to do it, whenever we want to.

The thing about creating that retirement is that you have to decide in truth that you want to do it, and then allow the universe to help you create that.

So let me ask you a simple question - Are you making enough money right now? If so, do you have time to enjoy it? Think about those questions and then email me. Because if someone offered me a chance to make more money each month, and offered to help me do it and support me in do…

So long Joe...It's been great to know you

I was driving the car home (on the 18th of August 2005) when the newscaster came on and said that there had been an accident in Mendocino and a member of the team that made Toy Story had been killed. I started to slow down and when they said Joe Ranft's name, I practically had a wreck myself.

Instantly I was transported back in time to that day in 1991 when I went to work for PIXAR and began supporting the products that we made at the time, and also when I helped the animation team install software that would allow them to do screen pencil tests for what would eventually become Toy Story.

Joe Ranft was a great guy. He had an awesome sense of humor, and of who he was in the world, at least from my point of view. I rarely during the 6 years that I was at PIXAR saw him in any kind of a down mood, and he was always very pleasant to sit with at lunch. Many times I dropped in and helped him with computer issues as I did with everyone at PIXAR who used a Macintosh. That was my job there. M…

What's your Marketing Message?

Do you know? Do your website visitors? If not, you're losing sales! (Period)

I think that's a great subject for today. It's a Saturday, people are out shopping for things and marketing or advertising is hitting them in the face every 1 - 3 seconds whether they want it or not.

Are you doing that with your website? Are you hitting your users with ads that inspire them to buy? I doubt it. Even yours truly has an issue with this, so why should you believe what I say? You shouldn't. It's not your experience, it?s mine.

But if I told you that ideas that I have produced have helped companies make billions in revenue would you listen? If I told you that you could make simple, subtle changes to your website and the language used in it, and that would turn the tide of visitors into clients or customers, would you listen?

I think you might. I know I would. But in today's marketplace on the web, what are we seeing? We're seeing ads that claim to deliver thousands of dollar…

Weekend is here...IBI

Time to prep for the IBI Forum. This one is special. More to come during the forum, but for now you have to wait and see what's going on. I think Monday I will write again here to just let all know how the day went. After all, it appears the forum is beginning a bit earlier this time, Teens are going to be there, lot's going on, new faculty due to massive changes in the product,'ll just have to wait and find out :-)

More Monday!

Not much to report...

today is just one of those nice days in Larkspur. Calm breeze, clear blue skies...feels like a day that God just painted for us to enjoy. So am going to continue the efforts to downsize the office a bit and clear out some of the old and replace it with some of the new.

Whereever you are, whatever you're doing, may it be enjoyed in peace, and may you have a most wonderful day. For those in the midst of the hurricane, our prayers are with you, and we send you light to guide you through the storm and into calm.

See you soon.

It's America's Birthday...

Or at least the weekend where we celebrate our Independence Day. It's a time to come together, share time with loved ones, share food, and fun with one another as we celebrate what this country is all about. Freedom.

You can agree or disagree with that statement, but it's what you believe that matters. You may not believe what I do, and you're entitled. I in the same fashion may not believe as you do, I am entitled as well. What makes us great is that we can have that opinion and be free to express it.

I will not turn this blog into a political forum. We all have our beliefs. That's the beauty. What I will say is that as a Navy Veteran, I am proud to live in America. Having spent the earlier portion of my lifetime overseas away from these shores, when you return home to America, you know you crossed a border into greatness.

We have our problems as do other countries. If we could ALL (and underline and bold that one) sluff off the "leadership" and learn to lead o…

Got a book?

If you have a book inside you that you're trying to get out, be sure to take advantage of our ebook hosting and posting service. We put your book on the web, and you can get traffic to it all day long. Sales happen and you get more popular on the web as time goes along. It's a great place to start, and we only want 20% of the sales. We're not making a mint off you, we're helping you get your feet wet into the Internet marketing/selling area where you want to be, without bilking you of your funds. Check it out and notice the books we already have there. They sell daily.

Apple on Intel...FINALLY!

It's about time Steve. Something other than Motorola. Something other than the chips that gave us sub-standard performance when I worked for Pixar and we were developing RenderMan for Macintosh and PC, and the PC was outrunning the Mac by more than 25% in speed.

Something other than the chip that defaulted to double-precision floating point when single would do just fine (Motorola did double, Intel did single, results were not distinguishable with the human eye in rendering tests).

However, since Apple slammed INTEL in the commercials when they were young, dumb and full of "it", it could backfire on them a bit. Notice the stock dips for both companies today as a result of the news...nope, just the market toying with all of us. When Apple get's smart with this, they can ride a way of popularity that will slam Microsoft into the pavement so fast that Gates will not know what hit his bank account.

Imagine this. OSX running on Intel, faster than Motorola, and with a built-…

Thanks Corey...for everything

Just got word that someone who I have studied tips from for a long time has passed away.

It was announced on Google's News website as well as others that Corey Rudl was killed in a car wreck.

It's amazing that life can end so suddenly and for those so young. He was only 34 years old.

The man did some amazing things with our internet and taught so many of us marketing tips and
tricks that helped propel our businesses skyward on the Internet. His muse will be truly missed.

Thanks Corey for all that you said, all that you did, and all that you showed and shared with us.

Now we can only hope that you'll continue to inspire and drive us to success from the great beyond.

God bless you and your family.

Michael Murdock, CEO

Website is DONE

Okay, I finally got the website finished. Wow what a feat that was. I had to find a nice slim template and then populate it with everything that I have. Now that's finished, need to drive some traffic to it so that we can get some clients moving in the right direction and all. that end stop by and take a peek at the site and let me know what you think by emailing me here at

Thanks so much for dropping in.
Creating a new set of pages to upload to the site shortly. Got the shopping cart almost done. The new logo was the inspiration for doing that, along with the merchant account approval, and then getting things into the shopping cart bit by trying to decide what ancillary things to offer on the site, and then comes the part of putting it all together in a cohesive fashion...that'll be fun.


That's it for today. Also worked on client sites and did resubmissions of pages so as to get things into where they need to be.