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Are your keywords making money for you?

by Michael Murdock

I built my website, it's perfect. My chosen subject of the website is Computer Support Services. Of course this is an example, but moving along, what should my keywords be?

Keywords are what people type into a search engine to find something on the internet. These words are what drive user requests.

Words to live by I like to call them. Why? Because on the internet your website will live and die by the words you use, or the words I use when you hire me to optimize your site.

How many words should I use?
What should they say?
How many phrases should there be?
What's a phrase?

First off, let's cover what a keyword is. A keyword is a word or collection of words used to describe your website. For those doing their own website design these words are applied in what is called a meta tag such as the following:

meta name="keywords" content="these words, would describe, your site"

keywords should say som…
If you're not using Shockwave or Flash, you're missing out on a lot of web based content
What is the Internet doing for your business?

Is it bringing you clients? or are they passing you by like the time of day?

Does your website attract or repel?

Email me for a free analysis:

When you email, tell me a bit about your site, include the URL and what you'd like to see it do for you. I will examine the content there, analyze the loading time of the site, whether or not it has all animation, or there is some text to read through, and will include back to you a ranking report that shows you where you are on the various search engines.

Once you have read through the report, we should then converse about where you'd like your site to be and we can begin working together.

I look forward to helping you solve your website visibility isses.

Best regards,

Michael Murdock, CEO